LA Roadster Show

The 54th LARS is in the books and certainly has had a lot of response on the social media concerning the low attendance of roadsters. Our group ventured out on Friday and Saturday and enjoyed the show even though it was a much smaller show that those of a few years ago. Changes to the show management has not been well accepted by many roadster owners and consequently, the attendance was off considerably from years past. What the future holds is anyone’s guess. As an old-timer, I would hope the show continues with some changes to improve attendance in all categories. Specialty cars, vendors, swappers and roadsters all were off from previous years.

The venue is very expensive to rent and something had to be done to provide the LARS and promoter a profit. Increasing cost to cover expenses was the only way to save the venue but without the roadsters and spectators, the show will not be able to survive in my opinion. I’m hopeful they will figure out something that will pencil for next year or this prestigious show will go away which would be a shame for many. Many of those who did not support the show the past two years, choose to stay home and are probably lost forever. A new business plan needs to be adopted that satisfies the promoter and LAR’s.

Roadsters owners in general are not youngsters and a new generation of younger roadster builders has not surfaced to take the place of the aging early roadster owners. We don’t need another Goodguys or NSRA show at the Fairplex but a roadster show that draws the 500-800 cars from all over the world. Yes, the LARS draws people from all over the world, both participants and spectators. That reputation has sunk during the past two years and needs to be rejuvenated to hold the audience. Hopefully, they can make more changes to once again provide the greatest roadster show in the world. I will do my part to help promote the show and hopefully most of my readers will do the same thing.

I offer my support to the LAR club and John to keep this show a going concern. Some serious strategy must be placed in action to have the 2019 show bigger and better than any previous shows. Just Do It!

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Early morning traffic on Friday headed to Pomona.

We stopped for breakfast at our favorite place in Laverne.

We were escorted to the grassy area under the trees. A perfect location. There were about 30 roadsters in this location at 8:00 AM.

Greg, Dale and Dave were already in place waiting for us. We stayed there all weekend.

They let 40 convertibles park in the roadster area also. I didn’t mind that at all. Nice ride.

Roy’s booth had more roadsters than the whole show.

We walked some of the Swap meet and found these pricey Kinmonts for sale.Didn’t bother asking the price as the JHRS ones are the ones I like.

This 40 rag was tempting. I don’t know if it sold but I would have liked to have another one.

Embo sent me this photo of Poppy parked under the tree on Saturday.

Walden had his open house and this sedan has been there for the past couple of years and it perfect.

Nigel gave me a ride home Friday night in his Brizio hiboy. A great riding hot rod! Thanks for the lift.

This little cute T was for sale in Saturday.

Gary had two of his cars at the show. The delivery was really nice.

Dennis finished his month on the road by stopping by the show in his Moal built 33 roadster.

A Moal specialty are these cowl vents with the Duvall windshield.

The new owner of Andy’s Deuce was in the Brizio booth.

Roy built this beauty and I fell in love with the car and color.

Sad made the interior really comfy  and nice.

John drove his Brizio built roadster to the show from the Bay Area.

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