LA Roadster Cars

I have been busy loading the pictures and thinking about which cars I should feature. I also looked at the Jalopy Journal and discovered Don’s Hot Rods had great coverage of almost every Deuce at the show and So Cal’s Open House. If you want really nice pictures with no people in them have a look at his site. Very nice coverage of both shows. Here are some more of my favorites at the show.


Very nice 34 hiboy, super black


Rear of 34 hiboy, 37 tailights


Doane Spencers 32 finished by SO CAL Speed Shop

You have to see this car to understand the engineering and detail


Dual Deuces from Texas, very nice sitting in the parking lot as they were not finished


Rear view, the blue one has a super chassis and was featured in the Jalopy Journal, Quickchange, Indy wheels


$$$ Indy wheels on blue roadster…Nice

There were so many nice cars at the show that it was difficult to walk more than 25 feet before you had to stop and look at more cars. Roadsters dominated the event, but there were many non-roadsters of very high quality to drool over.

Stay Tuned for more tomorrow.


Sneak Peek


Jackie Howerton’s incredible Indy Track Roadster

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