Keeping the Flame Burning

All went well with my carpal tunnel surgery. The doctor tells me it will take a couple of months or more to have my hand working normal. In the meantime, I will limit my post to very little text and lots of photos (10-20). Time heals all wounds so I hope that old saying is true in my case. Please see a Doctor if you have symptoms as you can suffer permanently damaged nerves.

Surgery was done using the arthroscopic method. He used a TV camera and knife.


Stay Tooned!


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This is my 46 Woodie that I sold to a friend and he restored it to perfection. Chris Messano wood, with SBC hooked to stock driveline and Lincoln brakes.

He is what I sold to my friend without an engine. The car had been stored in a basement in San Francisco for years before Ted found the remains. I had hair back then. I should have kept this but back surgery wouldn’t allow me to work for a couple of years and I had 5 cars at the time.

This is a Hercules Woodie that is just perfect.

Gary built this one in his driveway. Note 40 wood from Mike Nickels.

Another uses Nickels wood on his projects.

Sportsman require delicate wood work and are rare Hot Rods.

SO-CAL replaced the floors on this project Woodie. Note rigid jig to hold everything in place.

Another Bickel’s special with Nickels wood.

Don Smith had Boyd build him a Deuce Woody using a Brizio chassis. Walt owned this one also.

Bob has a very nice 39 Woodie that could be purchased if interested. Mostly original except dropped axle and Columbia. Not inexpensive!

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