June is Roadster Month

June has been roadster month for many years on Pewsplace and this year is no exception. The absence of the LARS makes it even more important to keep roadsters on the mines of people who love the open hot rods. Roadsters have long been the favorite choice of rodders for decades. Post-war examples showed up on the streets of Los Angeles in the late forties and continue to be the most popular build.

Early hot rodder’s threw the fenders away and left the hoods off to expose that beautifully chromed flathead engine. The need for speed was evident in most builds with the considerable money being spent on hop-up equipment and chrome accessories. The sound of the Belond mufflers made it a perfect Hot Rod.

As the age of the roadsters progressed, they became more sophisticated and refined into long-distance rides. Many making cross-country trips without issues. In recent years, the LARS would attract 800-1000 roadsters over Father’s Day weekend.

I will feature some roadsters from the past and the current era’s during the month of June. If you would like your roadster featured, send me a photo at Pewsplace@gmail.com

Stay Tooned!


Joe Nitti’s famous roadster with his son standing in front of the perfect restoration.

Bob-O’s wife, Marylin lived across the street from Joe and posed for this classic photo.

The restoration of the Nitti car was perfect and was featured at the 75th anniversary show at the GNRS and Petersen Museum.

My friend Don, grew up with this classic roadster which was recently restored and featured in shows. He remembers seeing the car on the streets of LA in his early years. It was known as the MO Walker roadster.

Bruce owns one of my favorite old roadsters built by Bob McGee in the 40’s.

The Ray Brown roadster was another show stopper in the early days. Shown here at Pebble Beach.

The famous Dick Flint roadster has received lots of ink over the years and was recently resotred by the late Don Orosco.

Joe kept his roadster in fine tune for some serious street racing.

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