June is Roadster month

While we are not celebrating with the LARS show, I thought I would feature some roadsters for your viewing. Roadsters have been my favorite Hot Rod for many years. Living in California for the past 30 years has convinced me that roadsters are a way of life for me. Our weather is very conducive to open cars and the thrill of the wind in your face and the sun shining down on your body make the roadster irresistible .

I should also mention that driving the PCH (RT1) makes your life seem more stress free. Jane and I have made several trips in Poppy over the years with our friends and have always loved the peacefulness of the roadster. Tops are optional but often required to protect our delicate skin. Either way is O.K by me.

The LARS always draws the best of roadsters from all over the world and hopefully 2022 will bring them back to LaA for the 90th anniversary celebration of the 1932 Ford. The iconic Deuce continues to be the Rodder’s favorite roadster and Brookville has made that possible with their reproduction bodies. Mark your calendars. the long drought will be over and we will be back to normal. NO masks required!

Stay Tooned



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