Journey to Vancouver

One of the most challenging trips for Hot Rodder’s is the journey to the Northwest Deuce Days in Vancouver, BC. Many of my readers are on their way from the East Coast and several from our area left on Monday for the 1300 mile trip. The journey takes the travelers through some very scenic areas with planned stops along the way. Driving in a small Deuce for 400-500 miles a day can put some stress on one’s body that needs a good nights rest with a hot tub experience to relief the discomfort. An adult beverage also helps reduce the anxiety for tomorrows ride. I admire all who accept the challenge and wish I could join in the journey, but I’m unable to do so this year. I wish all of them a safe and problem free journey. Enjoying adventure in a Hot Rod is something you can’t explain until you have actually had the experience. Seeing places in our great country combined with the camaraderie of others along the way is sometimes more fun than the actual event.

“Each day is precious so make the most of it.”

I will be away until next Wednesday.


Stay Tooned!



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Al Clark built all three of these sedans and each has it own style. He is the organizer of the Northwest Deuce Days.


Chick captured some great photos of their trip to Vancouver. The Redwoods always are a big attraction.


Stops along the way are welcomed after a few hundred miles in the seat of your Deuce.


Water and Deuces seem to go together — don’t you agree!


A stop at Bob Drake’s shop also provided a nice break from the highway travels.


Greg, from NZ, stopped at Roy’s which can take more than a few minutes to see what he is working on. Edelbrock’s fleet was built by Roy and he also maintains them. This was one of the first UPI coupes to be completed.


He also had Roy build this beautiful roadster for his daughter.


This is my old sedan delivery that I sold to him in the 90’s. Roy finished it in fine style.


Greg met up with Bud Bryan of R&C fame which was a real pleasure.


Greg was also lucky to visit the Cop Shop Coupe and that is him smiling in the front seat.


Henry Dana and crew are in the cold country on their way to Vancouver.


Another stop to take a moment to enjoy the scenery and stretch those muscles.


The Dana crew is ready to take a rest for the day.


The Brizio group are ready to pull out for their long journey. I will take the mor-door for comfort, but I’m old.


Another great photo from non-stock photography. These classic Deuces will be in abundance in Vancouver.


I hope no one has this experience unless it is to just look at the beautiful sedan of Henry’s.


Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on board…just saying!!!

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