Journey to Solvang

Sometimes the day turns out just perfect and today was one of them. The Back Road Boys, the Centeral Coast Roadsters and the Solvang locals had a wonderful get together at the beautiful River Grill at the Alisal Ranch. The trip up was without problems for our group and the weather cooperated all day which made the journey even better. We had 26 cars and 41 people who shared each other’s company in a picture perfect setting in the rolling hills of Alisal Ranch. The service was excellent as was the food. Congratulations to the staff at the River Grill and the manager, Bobbie, who made it happen. After lunch and looking at all the cars, we headed out to the airport to visit Jim’s hangers which were filled with cars and planes. Jim is building a custom Dearborn Deuce following a Eric Brockmeyer  rendering of what he is shooting for. After Jim explained his project and a little about the “Thin Film” process he developed, we headed back to LA with a stop at Fosters for some tasty ice cream. Some folks headed to the Santa Barbara Pier, but no parking was available so they joined us at Fosters. Traffic was moving all the way home and Pepe ran fine with very little oil pressure showing the entire way. I hope to resolve that before Saturday’s Woodie Meet back in Santa Barbara. Lots of suggestions, so maybe I will get lucky without dropping the pan to check the pickup (oil pump).

I want to personally thanks all who made the effort to attend today’s get-together in Solvang. This makes the second annual gathering and I look forward to the third one next year or sooner. Solvang is a wonderful place to visit and offers a very unique venue on our beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.

“Life is too short to stay home — so drive your Hot Rod!”

Stay Tooned!


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Early morning arrivals at our meeting place. Walt brought Donuts so we didn’t get hungry on the way.


Arriving in Solvang puts you in the tourist frame of mind. A truly beautiful place to visit and have lunch.


The town is quaint and squeaking clean. Did I mention pastries?


A partial view of our meeting today at the beautiful Alisal Ranch River Grill.


Brizio hiboy roadsters were plentiful. Nigel is with our Back Road Boys and loves driving his blue primered Deuce.


Another Brizio hiboy, formerly owned by Sid Shavers, was looking good at the River Grill.


Roadsters were out in force and Dave left his top at home for that “wind in your face” riding along the scenic Pacific Coast.


Bob, Walt and I parked with the closed cars and turned off the A/C when we arrived.


The CCR also parked together in their nice Deuce roadsters. Pick your color! They had 8 roadsters in total.


More of the CCR cars arrived to join the group.


Long time Hot Rodder, Pete, drove his old time 5-window for all of us to admirer.


The River Grill was all set up for our large group with special menus and umbrellas to protect our precious old skin.


The River Grill is located on the Alisal Golf course.


The view from our table was gorgeous.


We were all amazed at all the nice shop equipment Jim has and he knows how to use them.


Jim’s roadster has a special Art Morrison chassis and will utilize a highly modified Dearborn Deuce body.


Eric has the eye for design that Jim loves.


Jim’s project is coming along nicely.


An airplane hanger makes a great shop for building cars as well as storing airplanes.


Jim had a good turnout at his hanger. The roadsters were on the other end of the long line.


Frank and Jill were heading to Los Olivos to their favorite store.


Front side of our new shirts.


Dave had our new shirt sample with him and was approved by all of the Back Road Boys. Good job Dave High Ink!

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