Independence Day

The July 4th weekend is always the start of summer for most of us. Vacations, car shows, parades, BBQ’s and a host of other things are all related to summer fun. For American’s, it is the day we celebrate our independence from the British Empire. That was 241 years ago and we are still the greatest nation in the world in my opinion. While I don’t discuss politics in my blog, I will say that I’m very proud to be an American and served my time to keep us independent. The quality of life we have is second to none and each of us should be very thankful to live in a country with so much freedom.

This past weekend was filled with car shows throughout the state. The Santa Cruz Woodie show was a huge success as was the Forty Ford Day at La palma park. The season is in full bloom and the weather, although very hot, has been cooperative in the LA area. I have a few photos from each show to share with you today. FB has taken over the photos of these major events so I will just post a few I liked.

As we head into July, we are filled to capacity with car activities.The Back Road Boys will be headed to beautiful Solvang to meet up with the Central Coast Roadsters and some locals. The 85th Anniversary of the Deuce is being held at the Petersen the following Saturday and finally, the Santa Barbara Woodie Club meet is the following Saturday. Jane and I will make all of these events to start the summer off right. Many of you will be busy in July also so be careful driving and make sure to give that Hot Rod a complete inspection before heading out. Breakdowns are no fun on a trip with your friends so why not do some precautionary work ahead of time.

Enjoy your Independence and summer!!

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

Thom’s famous Deuce drawing is the standard for my 4th of July post each year.

 Woodies on theWharf

Diane captured this great photo at the host hotel.

The shoebox is really popular these days due to the cost of new wood on the earlier models.

George and Karen drove Miss Daisy to Santa Cruz and enjoyed their first Woodie event in their new Brizio built 40 Woodie.

The early morning parade of Woodies is always fun even in the standard fog.

Nothing is better than the Beach and Woodies on an early morning in Santa Cruz.

Forty Ford Day

The club members always make their prizes for the winners. Gordon won best sedan in our group.

The rear floor is raised for a hidden cargo area. Deuce parts are kept in there.

C & G is always on hand at the event with their nice delivery.

The owner told me this was a rare 95 model with fender trim and the 95 logo next to the Ford Delux emblem.??

All makes were present with some nice examples of each for our viewing.

Engines in Forties are always top priorities for owners. This Ford was standing tall.

All makes and models are welcome at the show. This row of Thunderbirds was very nice.

This Deuce was driven by it’s 95 year old owner who used to race it as a highboy. He purchased it in 1940. He is here every year.

I love this old 40 truck and the late Steve Vanatta loved it also.

Walt drove his latest Carryall with modern underpinnings. The color is breathtaking!

Jim showed me his very nicely built 34 Phaeton. He set the seat back and it is real roomy now.

The Forties Limited have been doing this show for 41 years and have it down to the  wire on organization. Well done guys and gals.

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