Independence Day — Coupes

As we approach the 4th of July, we need to remember that our independence is something that we take very seriously and being an American is something to be proud of. Celebrations will occur all across our country and hopefully we will all take a moment to thank our forefathers for declaring our independence back in 1776. The holiday became a Federal Holiday back in 1941 and has been recognized ever year since. While parades, BBQ’s and car shows are held on this day, we all should be very thankful for our freedom from Britain. If you are attending a special event with your car, I hope you celebrate responsibility.

Enjoy your holiday with family and friends.

 Have a very safe 4th of July.


Stay Tooned!


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Thom Taylor Art Work is the best!

Tom’s 40 coupe almost finished.

                                                             Bruce’s slick coupe.

Famous 5-window with perfect proportions.

Stock height 5-window looks great.

A slight chop adds to the Hot Rod flavor.

How about these two young guys with a 5-widow 34!

A 36 3-window makes a very nice ride without doing much to the stock look.

1939 coupes seem to be rare vs the 1940.

Folkstone Gray is perfect for the 40 coupe.


The Hot Rod look is very popular with Model 40 lovers.

Another model 40 in primer is ready to go.

Some folks just find them and put them on the road.

A friend has had this 40 for a long time and is a real classic Hot Rod. Flathead and all!

A stock Winterleaf brown Deuce makes a super ride.

Roy built a real nice 46 coupe for one his customers.

If you prefer the custom coupe then this is the one to clone.

You piece tougher your dream from parts from the Kennedy Boys and stand back for a look.

I love the basic Black 40 coupe with Americans.

Your basic 3-window resto-rod that is so popular.

The Hot Rod 3-window is my favorite.

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