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Looking Back at the Good Times


We had an interesting luncheon today with a new member of our group. He is a long time drag racer and engine builder from Detroit. We hit it off real well as we reminisced about Woodward Avenue and Teds Drive Inn. In the 60’s this was the place where all the action took place. Cars would be unloaded off trailers and race on Woodward. I remember one night when Don Garlits unloaded the Swamp Rat and made a pass…it was wild. I haven’t thought about those days in many years and it was wonderful to share stories with our newcomer. I think those were the glory days for me and Hot Rods. GM was heavily involved in racing and engine development and as a youngster, I was all GM, not Ford and not Chrysler. I was working for the company of my choice and very proud of my employer.

I can still remember all the Chevy and Ford fans screaming at Detroit Dragway during the 1960 Nationals. C/Gas was the class I loved to watch as Harry Luzader dominated the race tracks for several years. As I have mentioned previously, I sought a Deuce 5-window of my own and preceded to build me a clone of Harry’s. Viet Nam got in the way and soon racing was only for the rich or sponsored racers. I thank Petersen’s Tom Medley, Bud Bryan and the co-host MSRA’s (Gary Magner) for having the foresight to hold the first NSRA event in Peoria, which Jane and I attended. I joined NSRA, become a state representative and helped with the one and only Detroit Nationals in 1971. I drove Mike Martens 23-T bucket and he drove the first Brown Mold Company Deuce body on his new frame rails. We had a wonderful time but the Detroit fairgrounds and roads around 8-mile did not set too well with the participants. The following year it was moved to Memphis and the ball began to roll with attendance climbing for many years.

Yes, it is nice to look back on the past and reflect on the good times we all have had with our cars (Street is Neat & Fun with Cars) at these events. I lived my dreams with GM and with hot rods for the past 74 years and hope I can continue to look back and forward for several more years.

We have our Roaming Relics big show this weekend and the Early Times Swap Meet will be held at Price Transfer. The fall brings out lots of old timers for these two events — don’t be left out.

Stay Tooned!



This was the look in the day. We would all yell when the front wheels lifted off the ground.


The fans of each brand would be standing and cheering for their favorite to win. Several liquid beverages went along with the cheering but I never saw any altercations like you see at sporting events today. Chevrolets did not always wind but I never changed brands.

Detroit Dragway

Ticket prices were certainly more reasonable and so were beers and hot dogs.


Pontiac was also active in racing. Note the standing spectators and wood guard rail.

 Looking Ahead to some More Good Times



Jim is looking back and ahead with his GTO. He drove one like this on his wedding day. Way to go Jim.


Some styles that were popular in my youth are still popular today. Class has no period restrictions.


My friend Tom has all kinds of styles he likes such as this modern version of the Deuce hiboy roadster. He has owned more than most.


Some early styles never go out of grace with the hot rodders. Jim’s is a true classic that has stood the test of time.


The land down under usually prefers the early style and how could you argue with this hiboy and the beautiful scenery. I must visit both Australia and New Zealand before I move on.


Still another beach photo from the Greg. He loves the roadsters. What’s not to like!


Chris is a youngster that lives for the 50’s-60’s look. His roadster is perfect — love the side curtains and chop.


Imagine going to Deuce Day  and seeing this parked on the ferry to Vancouver. I must attend the next one.


I think Gene’s beauty has been around from the early days in St.Louis. Again, the side curtains are what I admire on the model 40. He may have been in Peoria but I don’t recall.

One Man’s Deuce Day 


I wish I had the high ceiling in my garage. I wonder how many more he has stored away? Black is beautiful on the Deuce. What is the 34 on the wall — could there be more!

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