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SO-CAl just finished this beauty for a customer.  I watched the car being built over the past couple of open houses.  The color is a BRG sort of and looks great.

The interior is plain, simple and is something a little different for the SO-CAL cars.  Note the gauges are mounted without the standard SO-CAL panel.

This roadster will really haul on the strip.  I believe it has a full roll cage that Pete built for the car.  Those rear tires look like they will hook up nicely with the W headed block. Maybe a 409?

Doyle had his clone of his original car parked on the Hotel front porch.  His original car was in the Deuce building and is now owned by Bruce Meyer.  History is repeating itself with some of the top old Deuces from the early era.  I like that a lot.

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