Hot Rod & IN-N-Out Burgers 70th

Hot Rod and the IN-N-OUT hamburger chain are celebrating their 70th Anniversary this Saturday at Pomona Raceway. The entry form states that the celebration includes racing, past feature cars, and spectator cars on display. I haven’t seen drag racing in person for over 20 years but always enjoyed racing in my younger years. And when we sponsored NHRA with GMC Trucks for many years. I always wanted to race a Deuce 5-window like Harry Luzader’s from PA, but settled for racing my Corvette at Alton Dragway. I think Drag Racing is how most of us got into Street Rods or Hot Rods whichever you like to call today’s street cars. Seventy years of Hot Rod should be interesting to review the story of Hot Rod magazine and Peterson Publishing. I have taken that publication on and off over the years and always enjoyed the articles on cars and engines or anything technical. I will have photos and text on Monday.

I am 77 years old so I should have fun hearing about Hot Rod over all those years. I have the first 50 years of Hot Rod in my files somewhere and will do a little ready prior to Saturday’s event. As for the IN-N-Out burgers, I have been going there since we moved from MN in 1984. I look forward to my Double-Double and chocolate shake. See you in Pomona!!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is the next week. Time sure passes quickly when you having fun. I will be gone to see our family in San Francisco next week so there will be no posts on Pewsplace. We all have lots to be thankful for. And now is the time to look back and reflect on all those things we take for granted are really gifts of life.

Enjoy time with your family and friends.


Stay Tooned!



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Tom McMullen was a legend in the racing and magazine world. His roadster notoriously famous with all of us.

His wife Rose was also a racer and competed with his roadster.

Ray Brown’s famous roadster show here in primer was also a favorite at the race track.

Yes, even women were involved in racing in the 50’s.

Lets race in our Corvette!

Doane had a 150MPH Bonneville racer.

All stripped down and ready to race is the 34 roadster.

Another 34 racing at the Salt was this early racer. Jake Moran

Not sure what she was fixing but she receive a lot of help.

Bonneville is a whole new form of racing.


Danny went over 500 mph this year at Bonneville.

Street roadsters are popular and fast.

Of course, wannabe roadsters would like to run also.



The Willy’s were the hot ticket in my youth.

They came in all colors and engines.

The SWC Willy’s was really a winner in their class.

Early Willy’s were not as popular as the 40’s but were just as fast.

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