Holiday Update

Perfect weekend in LA. The weather was great, the Marathon went well, the Lakers lost and Jane and I did a lot of work around the house. I did not do any car events but did look at the pictures of Santa Maria. Maybe next year. See Jalopy Journal for full coverage.

I have been advertising for a chopped tudor sedan and have received some nice cars to consider. One fellow from Atlanta sent me pictures of my old 3 window when I lived there in the 70’s. Small world. Gary still has the car and is putting it together. Now this was a nice restored coupe that I made into a resto-rod and drove it for several years. I sold it to finance a 34 tudor that my wife and kids wanted. Now the car will finally get back on the road.

George, my good friend from Northern California is installing a sway bar on the back of his car so I have found him several examples to consider. I may add one to my sedan project also. Gary, another friend from Napa got his Woody running and sent me a picture. Now this is a nice car. This is his first car with a MII and rack and pinion steering. He is really happy about the ride and handling. It takes time for old die hards like us to learn there must be a reason all fat fendered cars use these suspensions and steering.

The final subject is the LA Roadster Show. This is the time of year I get real excited about the upcoming show. I always have a swap space so I can rest and sell some junk, but it also provides a good place to hold a meet and greet session. I will be there under the trees again this year so stop by and have a cold one with Pewsplace.

Stay Tooned!



Here is a whacked tudor that has the Rolling Bones look. Five inches is a bit too much for me. Looks mean but not practicle.


Another one chopped 3 inches. This fellow is a neighbor to Gary who still owns my old 3 window from the 70’s. Looks nice.


My old 3 window which I sold in 1974 to Gary in Atlanta. He still has it and is putting the car back on the road.


Here is a sway bar for the QC. Looks like a front 40 Ford set up with links.


Here is a plain one with no sway bar.


Champ version and looks like it would work fine without a sway bar


Bruce’s Rod Shop builds the best set up for a Deuce. Note details of bar.


Another V8 with a neat installation and no bar. Maybe you don’t need one.


Poteet/Moal creation with a QC and lots of dimpled holes.


Congratulations to Gary for getting his 37 Woody on the road after 5 years. Determination and focus end in results.

Today’s Rides….Dreaming


Old style hiboy with the pre-war look.


Bruce’s roadster with the 60’s look. I call this the traditional contemporary look.

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