High School Hot Rods and Ladies


If you are like me, you like a certain Style of Hot Rod that is somewhat Sinful and Sassy in appearance and performance. Today’s Hot Rods, with a few exceptions, tend to be more “Comfort Creatures” than Hot Rods. Growing up in the 50’s it was pure hot rod and custom cars in my area. We would purchase the best car we could afford ($300-500) and then proceed to make it our dream High School Hot Rod or Custom. Ladies played a big part in the decision as they were also very important and didn’t want to be seen in a junker. Chopped fenderless coupes didn’t seem to excite any of my dates, but a cool lowered down custom was an attraction. Primer spots or complete primer jobs were O.K. but shiny lacquer was on the top shelf cars at the drive-in. We had two sides to our territory, the rich west side and the less fortunate on the other side of town. Both sides would cruise the lake shore and often compete for the popular ladies at our three high schools. I was a one lady man in high school, so I stayed put on the “other side.” She loved the Chevrolet custom and we would sit for hours in Perry’s Drive-In hoping to be seen by her girlfriends.

Over the years, styles of Hot Rods and Customs have changed but the older generation still prefer the early look in Hot Rods and Customs. Unfortunately, age is taking many enthusiasts to a higher place to reminisce, but a few of us remember what our cars were like and how we saved and saved to build our dream High School Hot Rod.

I hope you have some fond memories of your early years of Hot Rods and Ladies.


Ron Hickman is still in serious condition and requires our prayers to ensure he makes it through this tough ordeal.


Ron was one of us and drove his cars hard all over the country.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image


High School 101 in my youth would teach you this was way cool in the parking lot.


I had a buddy who did a 5-window that he purchased for $35.


The West Side had the $$$ guys who ended up with the cars and ladies with Hot Rods like this one.


Boyd changed the landscape with Vern’s coupe in the 80’s with the smooth look.


Today, and in my era, this is the style that seems to have come full circle for many.

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 017

The early look in full fendered roadsters is captured by Mark with his perfect example. Class and style will always be recognized by those who know!


Hard to beat this look during any period of Hot Rodding!

Dad' Pictures 258

Yes, fenders were available back in the 40’s.


A young Alan Johnson became a notable in the Deuce builder business with his unique roadster he built for his wife, Angie. First class all the way, and very traditional in styling.


In the 80’s, Boyd pushed the envelope with his smooth Deuce roadsters with a pussy foot suspension that worked flawlessly.


Bass Built means early looking and right on the money for me. This is a current build.

Milwaukee Miller Meet 2006 009

Early 33 hiboys are my favorite and while not as popular, still are desirable.


Bill built my favorite 33 roadster with Ardun Head equipped flathead. There is lots of history in this one. Bill probably cruised Bob’s Big Boy as a youngster.


Neither Steel or FG can take a side impact like this and survive. Hope the driver is O.K.!

Ron Hickman crash

We have seen a couple of bad wrecks lately involving Hot Rods. Please drive cautiously when hitting the roads for a cruise. Ron is still in serious condition and requires our prayers daily for him and his family.


The 67 327/350 hp is my favorite engine for a Hot Rod build.


The LS series seems to be the latest trend in engines for modern builds.


Henry Dana’s personal Deuce truck is now for sale. See the For Sale Section.


Coke had a fleet of sedan deliveries in the LA area and some pop up from time to time.


I know of three Deuce tubs going together and I hope they are on the road soon. We need to see more of these. Wescott needs to make a few more and test the market. We are overcrowded with hiboy Brookville roadsters.


Alloway builds some of the best model-40 Fords in the hills of TN. Early Rats Glass bodies and later, Steve’s steel bodies, with his signature touches always kept me smiling.

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