Headed to Victoria, BC

Many of my friends are headed to the Northwest Deuce Show in Victoria, BC this coming weekend. I am not able to attend but I will follow along on Facebook with some of you who are driving from LA. The show has almost 1000 entries so far and half of them are Deuces. If you love the iconic Deuce then this is the show for you. Not only will you see all the Deuces you can stand in one weekend but you will visit one of the most scenic places in Canada. Previous shows have proved to be very popular and are high on participants return list. I should have some nice photos sometime next week.

Our weekend was quiet with just a visit to our local mall for the Drive Your Collector Car Show. The turnout was very good and the mall traffic was heavy for a change. All types of cars show up for this event and the wife and I loved seeing all the cars that people collect. One of my favorite was a 1959 Cadillac convertible in gleaming white with a red and white interior. The car is so long you would need a warehouse to store it. While some early Fords were present they were in the minority as with most shows today. The trend is obvious concerning old Fords, it is going downward as the age of the owners head upward. I not sure where this is going but I hope some of the younger folks still build or purchase these old Fords and keep them on the road. In the meantime, I will continue to drive them and enjoy the events that are still active.

A couple of real nice woodies showed up and I had a conversation with one of the owners about the upcoming Santa Barbara Woody show which he was pushing. We came to the conclusion that Woody events attract a special group of people that love the wooden cars and enjoy the wonderful camaraderie that exists at each event. Santa Barbara has a Beverly Hills ring about it that my wife really enjoys. I tell her that it is a town where you can purchase a $40 blouse for $400. She laughs and tells me… who would pay $150,000 for a woody?… She has always been a bright lady. I guess that is why we are still married after almost 50 years…she keeps me in line with my thinking.

I am still working on the p/s issue with Sunshine and have narrowed the culprit down to the pump or rack. My first diagnosis is that the pump is not putting out the right amount of pressure. Fred told me to take it off and take it to Tommy Lee for a test. New ones are inexpensive so I may have to purchase a new one. I also cleaned the K&N filter with one of their cleaning kits and that made a big difference in the starting characteristic. These old Fords can be troublesome at times but that is why we love them.

Stay Tooned!


Doug and his phaeton are a regular at the LARS. He is shown here with his friend in the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe. The “Why Go By Garage” is a wonderful old tub.

Doug used to run his as a hiboy like the one shown above. I believe this one was from back east but showed up at the LARS for the 75th. Come on Brookville we are waiting.

I have been following this build on the HAMB and this young man is doing the work himself and is doing it right. He has the eye for a super sedan.

Roy just completed this 4 door hiboy sedan for a customer and painted it Washington Blue with Tacoma wire wheels and a Sid’s maroon interior. Tom is thinking about this combination for his 40 truck.

After several years of enjoying his roadster, Bob-O sold it this past weekend and is now down to 1 deuce. I really liked this car but I did not fit in the interior.

Nice woodies bring the money to the right buyer. A $135K seems to be the new asking price for these rides on the West Coast. Five years ago, the price was about $40K higher.

I showed Sunshine to some prospects today and they loved her with her Maize Yellow exterior and tan leather interior. She loves Donuts.

Commenting on my Fat Girl post, Don sent along a photo of his 48 coupe that was painted by Eddie Martinez 20 years ago and still looks good. He agrees with me that you can’t beat these car for road cars. Nice ride Don and thanks for the photo.

Gary’s son also likes the 46 Fords. He is shown here taking delivery of his primo coupe. I love the trim around the windows on the Super Deluxe.

Today’s 1940 Ford Woody Wagon!

Tim has built almost one of every 40 except the pickup. He built this beauty for a customer and it belongs in my garage. Nice work Tim!

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