Happy Thanksgiving – Please be Thankful!

Pewsplace starts their Holidays with the Thanksgiving Day dinner with the family. I can’t think of a more enjoyable day than being together with your family and friends. This is not the day to start your diet or think about cars, but rather a day to look back and be thankful for all we have in life. Not all roads lead to a happy ending but on Turkey Day you can be thankful for whatever you want to be — big or small — we all have something to be happy about. From my family to yours, enjoy yourself and take a hot rod book to read while the kids are playing. See you next Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving 





top off

Tom likes the top on his roadster but is going to go topless for Turkey day. Nice photo Tom and enjoy the day.


Topless in your full fendered or hiboy model 40 is the way to go when you live in the warm climates. If you have a rumble seat then put the grandkids in the back, buckle them down and head around the block.


Grandpa has some racing blood in him so the ride may be too fast for the children.

33 rstr GNRS 14-1233_4-4

Tom’s roadster looks good with the top up also. Dan captured this photo at Pomona.


Work in process is a term I use a lot as this is the stage I prefer. Final paint and upholstery jails really get to me. Have fun and be thankful for having built it yourself.


The rear of the model 40 is also very attractive with the gas tank cover and smiling bumper.


The front of the 33 is my favorite with the thin banned grille and curvy louvers. My wife and I always have liked this model roadster. More refined look compared to the Deuce but not as popular with the hot rodders.

Image 3

Add the 37 truck grille and you start to see a hot rod look coming through all those sleek lines.


Keith built a winner with this 34 roadster from a real Ford model.


Black always looks good on any car but with the tan top and correct stance this one is exceptional.

Thanksgiving Deuce – I didn’t forget you!

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 017

If I were to own a Deuce this would be the style I prefer. Mark built a winner with lots of style and class.

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 014

My favorite dash (Auburn) is used with tasteful woodgraining and a LZ steering wheel

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 016

The rear of the Deuce is also a beautiful sight with the gas tank exposed and the signature 39 tail lights for style.

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  1. Hi Lynn!
    Yes, a very nice post about this wonderful time of the year with our families and so much to be thankful for.
    The hugs and kisses we get from our family are priceless. We love our cars and hobby but no hugs and kisses.
    Thanks, Jim (-:

  2. Yes, its an “37 ENGLISH TRUCK GRILLE.. !!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,, thanks for the memories…..

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