Happy Thanksgiving


From Pewsplace to all of my viewers — Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

This will be the last post until after the Thanksgiving Holidays. I will be enjoying this special time of year with my family and friends in the Bay Area. We have been celebrating together for many years in this beautiful “City by the Bay.” Each year brings more reasons to be thankful for the grandkids and our children than ever before. The age factor makes all of us grateful for still be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. Celebrating Thanksgiving goes back to 1621 when the Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated the first harvest in their new land. The holiday has different interpretations but in general is recognized as being thankful for what we have in life and enjoying a wonderful meal with family and friends. Of course, today the men must include the football games that take place and a nap after dinner on the couch. A prayer at dinner is a tradition in our family and recognizes all the things we have to be thankful for. Sometimes it is a bit too long depending on how the current year progressed. I hope you all take time to do the same.

“Life is less stressful when you are thankful for what you have and not worry about what you want!”

Stay Tooned!



I like the Duvall windshield on the Model 40 the best of all. The lines fit the cowl perfectly.


How about a set of Streamline headlights for your highboy roadster!


Great Fall photo of one of my favorite convertibles.


FB, through the Rolling Bones, had a two day build session with Judy doing the chop on her sedan. A heavy 5 1/2″ out of the top is no easy task.


I spent some time on the internet and came up with some nice Fords that I could make into Hot Rods. This 50 was a cream puff just waiting to be made “Cool!”


Another favorite was the primo 40 convert with a full restoration.


Finally, in my own back yard, this original 40 Ford Woodie survivor is on the block. It needs everything but sure is complete except engine heads and manifold.


I look at Roy’s site often as he always has a beautiful Deuce under construction.


My style of chassis with the QC out back, 5-speed, and Edelbrock Signature series engine.


I have the original air-gap manifold, carb and air cleaner if I decide to go back from the EFI. I love the color on this RPU.


I had to remove the manifold, the fuel lines and number each one for reassembly. Inglese states that it will all work again without touching the controller. I know more about this system now than previously. I like it!


Would and old man and his beautiful wife look good in one of these? I think so!


Or maybe a small roadster with no room but really classy and traditional.


Beautiful new Neil Gates top and irons.


Off White with Maroon piping is Bob-O’s favorite.

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