Happy New Year

Yes, I am still here and should have a new site up and running February 1, 2012.  Thanks for all of your nice comments.  


I wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Yew.


Stay Tooned!


Ruby was at the Holiday Excursion in Pasadena today.  Great turnout of cars and people. The weather was perfect.

I am leaning toward a sedan with fenders such as this beauty.  Nothing fancy just plain clean and tidy.

This has long been my favorite style sedan hiboy and if one comes along….Stay Tooned!

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  1. Hi Lynn, Glad you will be back, I am looking forward to seeing your daily blog.
    I am told you ran into a couple of my pals in Pasadena, that’s when I heard you’d be back on the net. I hope the calendars I sent you arrived. Maybe we’ll meet up at the GNRS, I’ll be there on Sunday.

  2. Hi Lynn: What a relief to find Pewsplace up with some new great content. It is interesting the influence your site has had on that cross town brand HPMG. However it is nice to see your superior focus and clarity return!!

  3. Pewsplace II was inevitable. Now I can get on with 2012. Your choice on a fendered tudor was also inevitable. They are the coolest and they have leg room. As you drive by the furniture store on the main drag of your town with all of the reflective windows you will look coolest in a deuce tudor. Welcome back to the world you have created. See you at GNRS. Heon

  4. Lynn—I’m really looking forward to the new site. Thanks for all your great efforts these past years and I know the best is yet to come. I’ll stay tooned! Rob

  5. Lynn,

    That sure sounds like your are leaning towards buying a finished Tudor.

    I cann’t wait until February 1, 2012 to see what your new site site will be like.



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