Happy New Year

Each new year brings new challenges and opportunities for each of us. We really can’t predict what the future will bring, but we can prepare for the worst and hope for the best. At 76 years old, my health has to be the number one concern for me. Taking care of my body is important to me as I must preserve what is left of this old structure that can be used to accomplish the things I used to take for granted. Building Hot Rods takes a lot of body motions during the day to do the things necessary to assemble the various parts that make up the chassis, body, engine and many other areas of the build. Sometimes we need to seek help for items that are just not possible any more due to the maturity of our body. I know I think I should be able to accomplish the task but my experience tells me that I will pay the price if I attempt to move that part or pick up the item for assembly. Days in bed with serious pain is not worth the effort. The solution is to work smarter and save the difficult part for some assistance.The problem comes in when all of your friends are suffering from the same ailments and you need to hire some younger talent to assist you. Fortunately, I have a good friend who builds cars and is still able to do everything with ease. He works very reasonable and has helped me with most of my builds over the years.

I am hoping my knee is good enough to get started again on the engine in Pepe, as we soon will be hitting the road with our “Back Road Boys” for some adventures to some new places. Donnie has some free time and I can assist where possible. Just like our bodies, Hot Rods need some new need parts once in a while to keep them moving. Since the motor is the heart of a Hot Rod I must take good care of it to get the most mileage possible during the life cycle. I have set no deadlines for completing the task but hope that everything goes as anticipated and no redo’s are required.

January brings the GNRS and I’m sure we will again see some outstanding roadsters in contention for the AMBR award. The traditional style roadster seems to be what the judges like so I am sure we will see some of these in building 4. The theme this year is “Let the Magic Begin” and the feature building vehicles are the 55-57 Chevrolets. As always, I am looking forward to the show, the cars and the people who I see every year. Let us make the Show one of the best to date and keep the “Flame Burning!”


2015 AMBR Winner — Larry Olsen


2016 AMBR Winner – Darryl Hollenbeck

I will start the year off with the reclusive B-400 Deuce that I have not featured a lot in the past. I may dwell into some different Hot Rods this year and see what else the world in working on in their garages. Send me you projects.

Stay Tooned!


“Happy New Year”


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I have never been a fan of the B–400 until I saw this rendition by Steve. Boyd came close with Jamie’s but I like this one better with a little off the top.


Sometimes you find them all dusty in the back of a garage.


Then again if you are like Gerry, you build a nice banger motor for you B-400 shown below.


Gerry has owned more nice cars than most but this one was special.


Most of them you see are stock bodies and are regal looking.


The backs are beautiful especially when equipped with the luggage rack and trunk.


Old Chester Gray with black fenders makes a beautiful combination. The Jumbo wheels also add some class to the already stately Deuce.


There have been a lot of reproduction B-400’s built in the last few years like this beauty of Steve’s.


Flatheads are also popular in the B-400.


It is hard to beat the styling of the B-400 for a classic Resto-Rod.


Most Deuce collectors have a B-400 in their fleet.


Steve Moses from Nashville built his B-400 using a tudor sedan. I like the wire wheels.


Boyd built a couple B-400 during his time and this one was popular at the time. Marcel even made a B-400 rather than cut up a nice original car.


Lots of metal shaping to build the B-400 and get it right.


Work in progress shows the transformation into the B-400 structure.


Under construction shows the tops bows and irons which fold down.


Barry built one out of a FG Vicky body that turned out great.


Ridler winner and stunning execution from a sedan was this JHRS beauty of a few years ago. Note suicide doors.


Red ones look awesome also but the wheels take away from the Regal look and that’s O.K.


Doug drives his B-400 in the snow when on a mission in the mountains.


Most of the time his stops include some beautiful scenery in the mountains where he lives.

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