Happy New Year 2021

The year 2020 will go down in history as the most unique year in my eighty years. I hope all of you survived to bring in 2021 tonight. We are in a complete lockdown here in our city so things at Pewsplace will be very quiet on this new year celebration. We should all pray for an improved 2021 with the vaccine available after the first of the year.

I normally make my resolutions for the new year today but just have one in mind and that is for everyone to avoid getting the Covid-19 next year. Stay safe by avoiding places that can spread the virus.

Car events took place in some areas and for the most part were canceled in our area. I would think may events will still be canceled in 2021 but time will tell. following the rules will help reduce the spread.

I wish all of you a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Stay Tooned!


Happy New Year

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