Happy New Year 2008

I am pleased to be around for another year and hope you find today very relaxing as the world starts again tomorrow. The Rose Parade, Football, and Aspirin for some, make it a very special day. I normally make big plans in addition to the normal diet. I spent many years presenting goals for the New Year and was measured and compensated by my accomplishments. In retirement, you should still lay out your plans for the year and measure them quarterly. You can present them on Power Point to your wife or friends, if they will listen. Compensation is not part of the deal now, so don’t worry.

I limit my Car related Goals to five and set up progress measurements to see if I am on target. Here are my Goals for 2008.

    1. Complete the 33 roadster by Father’s Day Roadster Show. Paint and upholstery not required, but must be drivable.
    2. Purchase a 1940 – 48 Ford Sedan delivery. Must be drivable.
    3. Maintain a clean work place. This is a must and makes the wife happy. Measured every day by the wife.
    4. Attend all the auto related events possible in a Hot Rod, wife not included except Wavecrest and Outriders Picnic, her favorites. Thanks Walt. Goal is 28 for 2008
    5. Improve photography skills and purchase SLR Cannon prior to Father’s Day.

Well, those are the goals I have set for myself. I know I can make all of them come true with a lot of planning and dreaming. I am really good at dreaming.

Happy New Year



Horseless Carriage Club Show

Pasadena, CA

December 30, 2007



Jay Leno’s beautiful 1932 Deusenburg. Jay comes every year in something different. Flawless restoration as is everything he has. Real Car Guy.


Can you say “Stunning” in chrome, paint and enamel?


My friend, Bills new 40 convert. This is a super mint 40 convert, purchased for a very good price from a local collector. Bill drives this car everywhere and it is super dependable. Maroon with stock driveline and no dropped axle. I could ruin this one in a hurry.


Bob Kennedy’s neat 40 coupe with skirts and tilted the wrong way. Bob is a master at Woodgraining.


Very rare 1902 Autocar that was driven on the tour Pete Eastwood puts on. Super nice and had a crowd around it all day.


Not on the tour, but parked with the RATS was a very nice 34 hiboy that was made to look like it does. OLD. Hot Flatty and Optima battery to get it started.

Sneak Peek


1940 Ford sedan delivery with sedan doors. This was a very nice street rod, not my style, but very well constructed with lots of detail and fit and finish.

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