Happy New Year

Happy New Year


The new year brings some new challenges to all of us. I normally make 10 resolutions and follow through for about 3 months and resort back to my old habits. I guess that is normal but at least my thoughts are good. My big plan this year will be to keep healthy and finish something in time to drive to Canada for the Deuce show. As for events, I have Curvy entered in the GNRS, and the Father’s Day Swap is always one of the best times of the year for me. If I make some Woody shows I will feel good about 2013 this time next year.

I hope all of you have a great New year and keep focused on whatever it is you are working on. Remember, an idle mind and body are dangerous. Keep busy, positive and you will have a good life.

Stay Tooned!


Some Rearview Mirror shots from 2012

Ruby left Pewsplace for a home closer to the Beach. She was a great car and provided lots of fun for Jane and I. Thanks Walt and Lorraine for your generosity.

John added some attitude to Ruby with the rubber rake and whitewall tires. Looks good John.

Curvy checked into Pewsplace for an extended stay. She provided Andre company during the fall and winter months. I have been tuning up the suspension and enjoying the wonderful ride this hot rod provides.

Curvy inspired me to search for a 40 Woody which I have always wanted. I like the smaller size as it fits in my garage. I searched for a cowl to start with and found 10 samples without much problem.

The 40 woody project proved to me that I would not live long enough to finish one in this stage. The wood build time is staggering and expensive.

My friend did purchase this one and is well under way with the restoration and modifications. Thanks Woody Bob.

The finished product is one of the best woodies you could hope for. The price is high but the grin on your face while driving to Wavecrest is priceless.

If bucks are no problem then throw in a wooden boat and you can go to the wooden boat show in Big Bear in style.

Vern would be proud of his flamed 40 sedan still burning even in the snow. Photo from the HAMB.

SO-CAL hooked up with Dearborn Deuce to build a few Ford powered roadsters. The price is $175K! Save your money.

For me, Dick’s 34 set the bar many years ago for a 34 hiboy roadster. I have built 3 FG ones and it is time for a real Henry body on a stock chassis. This photo was taken in Decatur, IL my hometown in the 50’s. Small world isn’t it!



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