Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. I always called the weekend a celebration for the fruits of our labor. We all worked hard during our lives and owe it to ourselves to take the time to recognize those efforts with family and friends. Most will be enjoying some adult beverages, BBQ’s and are thankful for the three-day weekend. Make sure you take the time to recognize all of your hard work you have put forth this year. The American Laborer made American what it is today and will always be recognized as the reason for the success of our great country. No matter what position you have in your company you are an important asset to the company. You should be proud of your position and your efforts to give 100% toward the task at hand. Remember, being employed is luxury that not all people enjoy. Many search for long periods of time to find their place in the job market and some never find their place. Be happy you’re employed and if you’re unhappy search for something better. Working is very healthy for your body and mind. Complacency is better than no job but should be reviewed annually.


Be careful in celebrating as I want you back here next week for more exciting Hot Rods and BS.


Stay Tooned!


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Thom’s famous flag roadster is most appropriate for this weekend.

If anyone is looking for a 40/41 Sedan delivery door let me know. One has been cut and louvered and the other is rusted out on the bottom.

Steve Hayes build some real nice award-winning Deuces like this B-400 clone above.

I have always liked the 33 -5 window coupe as a hiboy.

Dave has owned the Boyd built sedan for a long time and has kept it in top shape. I drove this one a few times when it was in the shop for some repairs.

The frame has been kicked in the front to give it the low look. Poppy has the same kick front and back. This car is for sale as you can see on the window.

I like these cars for their comfort and drive-ability down the road. They look good going down the road.

Deuces and Forties go together like apple pie and ice cream.

My father had one these and he sold it before I could find space for the truck.

Don is as patriotic as you could be and is still driving his roadster in his 80’s.

I have a soft spot for 3-windows as I have owned 5 of them over the years. This one has the look I like.

We passed on this one but it’s still for sale. It would make a nice convert but lots of work involved.

Bruce drives this beauty all the time and it has a sound all of its own.

My friend built this SRM feature coupe and drives it on long hauls.

I love the color on this 5-window coupe. Unchopped looks good and I normally like them chopped.

This coupe has been around for a long and still looks great.

As a teenager, this was the car of my dreams. I have owned three of them since.

Found in a backyard this primo 46 sits on the ground and has a Sid’s interior and top.

Slight chop enhances the look of the standard 40 convert.

The stance and color make this 39 just perfect for me.

The custom 40 also looks good with the early look.

Stude tail lights were popular back then and still are but hard to find unless you want the repo’s.

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