Happy Halloween

While our neighborhood has banned trick or treaters, there are plenty of scary decorations to keep us in the mood. 2020 brings lots of new changes for all of us. Masks are now part of our daily dress code and social distancing is just part of the changes we all had to make. Despite these changes, some car events still are taking place.

One such event is the Gathering at the ROC in Oklahoma. It seems Hot Rodder’s from all over the country bundled up and drove through some pretty inclement weather to reach the event. Thanks to Facebook I will share some of those photos with you.

I don’t have an update on Blue as I have been getting infusions for my RA and have been laid up. I keep it shined and started to keep things moving and hopefully be on the road soon. Hopefully, the final two months of this exceptional year will bring better times for all of us during the holiday season. Stay Safe and enjoy your holidays.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

I came across my old delivery and thought it would fit in today’s blog.
The Hot Rod Garage had their signature Blue hobo sedan at the v even and hosted and open house.
This roadster was my favorite of the ones I saw at the Roc.
Subtle colors are becoming popular over the past few years.
High quality cars were everywhere you looked.
This 34 was pristine and done nicely in all areas.
RPU’s are popular and this one was very nice.
The 33’s are my favorite and this one really looked great.
A classic deuce sitting proper in the grass was a big hit with attendees.
This was my favorite Deuce roadster at the Roc.
A side view shows the perfect top.
Deuce roadsters are always the show stars and they were out in force at the Roc.
Mel drove through some vary inclement weather to reach the Roc.
Some nice model 40’s were in attendance also for viewing.
Some famous old roadsters were in attendance also for viewing.
I loved this 34 Phaeton in stock height.
The Becker family had their Dueces on display. The green one joined them for this photo.
The 3W was really looking great with chop and wires.

A super sano 33 tudor with LS motor done by SO-CAL was well received at the Roc.
A beautiful site at the hotel was these Hot Rods parked for the night.
Painted a HD color this model 40 was ready to race.