Happy 4th of July

This year will certainly be different in the way we celebrate our independence. The Covid-19 and the protest certainly will make a difference in how we handle the weekend of celebration. Hopefully, all of you will enjoy a safe holiday and maybe get to drive your Hot Rod for a cruise. Please stay safe while recognizing this great day.

If you plan on attending any events please adhere to the rules of the event. I know it is easy to forget but the virus is nothing that you want to deal with. Jane and I have tested negative for the virus but you need to almost have the test done daily as is highly contagious.

As for my projects, I have the Woodie swap in process and will take some photos for you in my next week’s post. I have been dealing with a bad case of vertigo, but I am getting better. I have my rebuilt flowmeter back and once I can move my head to see, I will start welding again.

Most of our Woodie events have been canceled for the year so I have plenty of time to make the conversion and start on the roadster project.

Stay Tooned!


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Have a Safe Weekend!

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