Hanging Ten in Huntington Beach

The Beach Cruiser Show in Huntington Beach was a great show with lots of cars to carry out the Surfer Theme in the World’s Surfing Capitol. We arrived early and met up with our group and enjoyed breakfast at the famous Ruby’s Diner at the end of the Pier. The weatherman was kind and we enjoyed a sun shiny day at the Beach.

Woodies were not the only cars displayed. They let almost any car that could carry a surf board to enter the show. The total cars was about 250-300 or so but I’m guessing. Jane and I looked at all of them on the beach side and Main Street. The City of Huntington Beach has really become a first class City compared to when we first moved here in 1984. New buildings and business’s line the streets and enjoy the Beach life that prevails in this surfer paradise. Shopping and eateries are everywhere with lines waiting to get a seat on Saturday morning. You feel young again when you are in this famous City!

The next Woodie show is in Doheny which is our all home town area of Dana Point/Laguna Niguel. The fun begins with our Woodie group.

Stay Tooned!



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Our gang parked on the upper deck with a good view of the Pacific. Rick lowered his 40 a little and it looks great.

Jane and I liked this Woodie the best. The color and the Chris’s wood really stood out.

The stock looking dash is my favorite on these cars. Woodgrain is a stock feature.

The overall stance is just right and the color of the wood is perfect.

Wheel placement is right on the money with the MII front suspension.

Chris is the new owner of Walt’s history Potvin Cam roadster. This is one fine roadster with history to boot!

All the early stuff is correct and the interior is similar but top notch by comparison to the old days.

The car came from the late Don Broyles in Ohio and was restored both in MI and CA.

This 40 was in the GNRS and I showed it a couple of weeks ago. The car is super detailed and perfection is obvious in the build.

The interior shows the same attention to detail and design.

The trend today is the LS motors. Nice, but they need work to make look good.

This 46 has been done for a long time and I still like it a lot.

Don Thelan started the 41 dash craze so you know this one has been done for a while.

A 40 is always a favorite of the beach crowds. LS with Inglese is super nice.

You can’t attend a show without a few Deuces. This 3 window is perfect.

Roadsters and Woodies go together at the Beach Party!

Jim, had his fresh 40 Plymouth sedan delivery at the Beach show.

He has been working on the car for a coupe of years and is now enjoying driving the vehicle.

A very rare delivery done up real nice.

The Nomad and Corvette were both very nicely done and enjoin the sunshine at the beach.

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