“Hanging” at the Beach

Our group hit the rain soaked freeways to attend the Beach Cruiser Show in the famous Surfing Capitol — Huntington Beach, CA. The wet weather keep the attendance down but we all enjoyed the day and the sun when it finally arrived about noon. Breakfast at Ruby’s at the end of the Pier was yummy and we were soon watching the Junior Lifeguard training taking place on the Pier. They were jumping into the high surf from the Pier and swimming with a life preserver to an awaiting boat. No small feat as the Pier is about 100 feet from the water.

Due to the small turnout, we were able to park on the ocean side and enjoy a fabulous view of the Pacific. Dave brought lunch and Lorraine provided some delicious oatmeal cookies for all of us. We never go hungry at the Woodie Shows. The winds picked up in the afternoon and we all put on our jackets. Never go to a show on the Ocean without a jacket. The drive home was not too bad and soon I was watching BJ and the low prices Woodies were bringing. Some real bargains for Woodie buyers. There may be hope for me in the future.

Pepe should be on the road this week or in line for a new engine.

Stay Tooned!



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Walt drove his new to him 51 Chevrolet Carryall to the Beach Cruiser Show yesterday and it reminded me of our Company Truck at the Los Angeles Truck Center. What a beautiful  restoration and upgrade!!

A SBC with 330 hp fills the engine compartment and provides plenty of power for cruising the freeways.

The clam shell rear door is a rare model on the 51. The color is very stunning and close to a light Cloud Mist Gray. This beautiful Carryall is available to the person who wants the best. See the For Sale section for details.

This fresh 39 was on display with new Nickels wood and dressed flathead.

I love the woodgraining on dashes of all years. Note 40 heater and tach.

The flathead threw a belt right on the street so he found a new one. Rule number 1 with a flathead — always carry and extra belt. Pretty engine.

Another beautiful restoration of a 47 woody was standing tall. Shoal Green was the color which is a stock color.

I love the 46 trim and the Glade Green color on this Hot Rod Woodie.

Odds and Ends

It is nice to see some foreign Hot Rods on FB. Note the fenders on these two roadsters.

In the early 80’s I had Metalfab build me a chassis to build my first phaeton. Jim and his crew had just finished this Wescott beauty with the set back seat and I knew I had to have one. I fit just fine and had room for the kids.

Jim builds some nice chassis and he finished mine for me as I was real busy with my job.

You can tell by the windshield post that this is the 80’s with the billet influence.


The RPU has become popular with the Brookville bodies. Roy built this one for this year’s GNRS. Winter Leaf Light Brown is the color.

A hiboy version was in contention this year.

Steve built the previous year’s AMBR contender and now enjoys driving the roadster.

One of the first RPU’s was built for Poteet by Roy Brizio.

Everything is just right with this build.

Definitely the most traveled RPU in the country is Dale Grau’s sleek build. Dale knows the roads better than most.

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