Halloween Treats

My wife hid the Halloween candy while she is away so I must wait until tomorrow evening to indulge myself and my craving for chocolate. I am the one who greets the monsters at the door and really enjoying seeing the young ones. We live in a gated community but parents haul the kids to the gate and I let them in. I love seeing all the costumes and parents guarding their children like Deuce parts. We expect around 50 + trick or treaters and we therefore stock up on treats so we don’t get any tricks. I love this time of year. I usually sit in the garage waiting for them and the many questions I receive about my hot rods. Parents are the most inquisitive about the cars but some of the children also like to look at them. This year I am decorating Pepe with some orange and black ribbons  and pumpkins. I hope to capture a nice photo for Friday’s blog.

The car activity has subsided for Pewsplace and I have been concentrating on upgrading my blog site. My son is an art director and has lots of talent and experience in designing websites. I keep mine simple as I am not selling anything (except a car now and then). He has some ideas that I like and I should have a new format starting in January. Change is important on the internet as people are always looking for something new. I guess a true hot rodder feels the same way. Many are thinking about a new ride or a new build. I seem to do this everyday but that’s just me and it gives me some material for the blog. Writing something interesting (hopefully) three times a week keeps my mind working constantly. I have wore out the keyboard on Deuces and Forties so I may venture out in another direction (still traditional style cars) come the first of the year. As you know, I love the technical articles and follow them closely on the HAMB and in magazines. I will never tire of reading about some new idea about chassis construction or body modifications. My father used to come home from work and head out in the garage to make some new widget that he dreamed up. I was fascinated by his ability to create a masterpiece from hunks of metal using only basic tools and his mind. There is still something to be said about building it yourself and having your work admired. I am still waiting for the “Big Idea” to make my ship come in.

How about you?

Stay Tooned



Mr. Used Car, Frank has a new Deuce sedan in his stable. I will try to go have a peek later this week as it looks to be a nice one. The car is very traditional in style with wire wheels and a flatmotor. He can find them better than most.


Ryan, from Reed’s Design, sent along and updated photo of Jim’s project 40 Woody. That is a big 529 cu. in. Ford motor being squeezed into the small engine bay. Note the frame is mounted to a jig which is bolted to the floor. The is a motor that will require a strong chassis to handle the H.P. Ryan also moved the front suspension up in the frame to provide a better ride height for the Woody.

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye as I know only too well. Ironically, this CMG 40 delivery is headed to a new home in MO to the same person who used to own Pepe. Gary has sold him two deliveries over the past 20 years. Deliveries look go in the CMG color.

The Dearborn Deuce is alive a well. This classic had all the bells and whistles you could ask for plus a vintage FI unit. If it wasn’t for the w/s post you would think it is standard Deuce body.

The entire car was flawless. He said the FI worked great and got good mileage. I never had much luck with the ones I owned. Cables and Spiders were always a problem. EFI seems to work much better with today’s fuel management systems.

SO-CAL built this 5 window when they first opened their new shop. Nice ride and still looks fresh.

Frank had curb service for his nice 40 coupe. Remember those days when you had your favorite car hop? A&W Rootbeer in Decatur on Main Street was the place for me on Friday nights. I think her name was Carol as in “O-Carol” by Neil Sedka.

The famous Coleman coupe has a new home and is right up there on my list of period hot rods.

Someone has done a lot of work to build this “Birdcage” chassis for a Deuce body. I think Moal builds one like this on some of his Deuces.

I can’t recall seeing a Chevrolet Deuce Phaeton this nice is a long time. It was a stocker but really well restored.

Halloween Special!

This driver had a little too much cider and was sleeping it off. The children were also napping with the grown ups.


Happy Halloween from Pewsplace!

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