I have been real busy working on Andre but I have time tonight to talk about the GNRS coming up at the end of the month.  I will be hosting some friends of mine who are putting their Deuces in the “Driving Deuces show”.  I am excited about seeing all those Deuces in one building again.  I think I spent the entire time in the Deuce area at the 75th Anniversary Show.  I know Bob has done a great job gathering the cars for the show.  I hope to see you there.

Stay Tooned!


Phil stopped by Roy’s shop and sent these photos of my favorite new hiboy sedan ( Mariani’s).  I hope Roy has it at the show.

You can see the super looking Hemi with the Scott blower installed.  Also notice the suicide front end and stock axle.

The bead blasted Halibrand is my style quickchange.  Note the reflection in the tank. Roy does great work.

The 37 tail light has become the standard for Deuce rear lights.  Lincoln drums look nice on the all black chassis.

Today’s Favorite

The Long Beach Swap meet had a few nice cars that I liked. This 36 was very nice and painted a dark blue with a maroon interior. Bob O fell in love.


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