I have been busy getting Curvy ready for the Woody Show this weekend. Lots of polish and shine go into making her look good. Building 9 will have 115 Woodies on display with bands and surfing displays. I am looking forward to the event which I believe is a first for the show. Last year was Deuces and this year is Woodies. What more could a Deuce-Woody guy want?

I have not heard who has what to compete for the big trophy, but some neat cars always seem to show up that I fall in love with. I do know Roy is bringing John’s Track-T down but I am not sure if it is in competition or for display only. I am eager to see the finished product. Sid just finished the interior and the car will be a knockout for all of the show fans. Roy usually has several new cars on his booth and I know he will have some beauties. Pinkee’s Rod Shop also is coming to the show and will have some of their excellent craftsmanship vehicles on display. We did not get to visit Eric as it was really cold and he told us to stop by and say hello at the show. The quality of the cars entered in the GNRS are always first class. Even the Suede Palace has some real quality built traditional hot rods that are sure to please the traditional hot rodder. All in all, the show attracts more cars each year and starts the season off right. I know when I come home I want to go out in the garage and work on my project.

The show opens at noon on Friday, so head on out and be prepared to be impressed and inspired.

Stay Tooned!


Curvy will be in Bldg. 9 along with lots of her friends. Stop by and say hello.

Pepe’s first outing was to Mrs. Olsen’s for breakfast with the Roadster Boys. He did just fine and showed no signs of being a winer.

The Inglesee injection works great and the looks are very impressive. I need to learn about the FAST management system to feel more comfortable on the road.

Pepe’ was first featured in American Rodder in 1996. The delivery is on the right side of the photo in case you missed it.

An all leather interior made the wife happy as she can store all of her baggage on trips.

The dash is stock with a 56 F-100 column installed. The panel below the dash will be removed when I get time.

Myron always likes to show us how a built Ford 351 will outrun the SBC. He is passing Dave on the way home from Breakfast at Mrs. Olsens.

The little 29 hiboy was in Hot Rod magazine in the 60’s and will be featured in the 60th anniversary show at Pomona in March. He is thinking about a cross country trip this summer. Remember, it is never to late to have a happy childhood.

Lou told me it is much better to take a road trip in the summer than in January. He lives in Idaho where the snow is really deep and only has a few days of poor ice skating.

Reader’s Rides!

This is a real 32 RPU that has quite a history and is a daily driver. I plan to keep Pepe’ forever and make him a weekly driver.

Corky, a proud hot rodder, purchased this 32 RPU from Don Blair in 1948 and he still enjoys his hot rod after all these years. Corky was an employee of Don’s.

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