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Just one week away and the Fairplex will be swarming with spectators and participants attending the GNRS. I have guests coming for the show so I will be busy showing them around town and visiting some old friends of theirs. George and Gary are both Deuce owners with a passion for Hot Rods in general. As the years tend to pass by quickly, we all seem to hang on to our iconic Deuce but look at other models also. Gary and George both own Ford Woodies in addition to their Deuces. And look forward to a summer of fun, taking in all the shows we have on the West Coast for Woodies. But old number one is the Deuce in the garage.

Yes, we all need at least one Deuce in the garage prior to moving on to the Woodie era. Both endeavors are expensive and require a budget to maintain. Somehow we all manage to work within the parameters given and continue on with our lives. The GNRS provides a look at various models besides Deuces and Woodies. We seem to enjoy the various models and execution of the design of a particular model. When we do run into our favorite model in one of the nine buildings, we tend to take photos, talk to owner and plant that build in our mind for the rest of the show. We also pick the AMBR of our choice which we discuss at our favorite dinner spot — The Mining Company in Pomona. We have all been attending and participating in the show for many years from Oakland to Pomona and always have a good time meeting old friends and making new ones. The show has something for everyone and John Buck does a fantastic job of keeping everyone happy during the three days.

The suspense builds as we have only seen a few of the contenders for the AMBR award so building four will be our first stop on Friday morning. Walking the entire show can be tiring for these old legs but rest along the way sure helps the situation. If you see and old guy wearing a Pewsplace hat sitting on the bench, stop and say hello. I always enjoy meeting new people and old acquaintances. It should be a show to remember as it always provides memories of the event that last forever.

Stay Tooned!


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As Brian mentioned in this month’s SRM, we need to see more Phaetons at events. I have been perching that sermon for a long time but availability is scarce since production was low and Wescott doesn’t seem to build many FG bodies anymore. Rodger Bell’s black beauty has always been number one in my book. The top makes or breaks a Phaeton and his is right on.

yamba 2015 041

Deuce Bob put this Wescott body on a chassis and has been attending the shows.


Mr. Deuce, Dale, is building his Phaeton to be a driver. He was lucky to locate an Australian version to start his project.


Of course, Paul has the best Phaeton ever built and won with fenders.


Roy built Bruce a beautiful 33 Phaeton that wowed the crowds at the GNRS.


My friend Gary displayed his stunning 37 Woodie at the GNRS. Owner built.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGeorge was in the first GNRS in LA. His coupe is driven.


RPU’s are neat little Hot Rods for small drivers.


One year custom Mercury’s were featured and I loved this one. Remember Angel Hair!


I love the Hot Rod look of this 33 coupe from Fullerton Fabrication.


Work in Progress cars are also fun to inspect for the  — How To Crowd.


The rare B-400 was looking good a few years ago. Tom has a fleet of Deuces. Bob Bauder built.


Jim saw this motor in a 40 Woodie and decided he had to have the same look only larger in his.


This 40 was a standout a few years ago and featured Mike Nickels woodwork.


The brothers had two Woodies on display and this beauty was my favorite.


Bonneville roadsters are also displayed at the GNRS.


Building 4 will have highly detailed contenders on display. Perfection is required.


I spent some time in the Suede Palace looking for my kind of rides. Last year there were some beauties.


Wes built a Black Bow Tie Phaeton that won the GNRS. He is a mega Chevrolet dealer.

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