GNRS — Roadsters

The Grand National Roadster Show is two weeks away at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. (January 24-6) The show features hundreds of Hot Rods, Bikes, and contenders for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award. I have been attended this show from its Oakland days to now and have never been disappointed in the display of beautifully crafted automobiles.

The roadsters are my main interest but enjoy looking at all the cars from the Suede Palace to the maid display in building 4. Building 9 has a themed display each year that really draws lot of attention. This year’s theme is Drag Racing and has lined up lots of racing vehicles for your viewing. I’m am looking forward to seeing some history-making race machines and owners.

Speaking of history, Facebook has a new group called “Street is Neat” which features pre 48 cars and events from the ’70 -’80’s. The group, started by Matt Lawyer has over 2000 members and continues to grow. Take a look if you are a Facebook member. Those years were my most active and fun driving my Hot Rod.

Please look at the For Sale section for some nice roadsters I have for sale. Seems like this is the season to look for a new Hot Rod.

As for Pewsplace, I continue to nurse my arthritic hands and obtain treatment to reduce inflammation and pain. I adhere to my motto of “No Bad Days” the best I can. I hope to be able to continue to work on my cars and projects in the next few months. Time will tell.

Stay Tooned!


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