GNRS Review

The 64th GNRS was a huge success in my mind as the show contained 12 very high quality traditional styled contenders for the big trophy. The winner was also my selection and a much deserved award for two of America’s most prolific hot rod builders and collectors, Roy Brizio and John Mumford. Congratulations to the team who collaborated on the little roadster to make it a winner using an Ardun Head equipped V8 60 with steel wheels. Roy’s usual attention to detail and craftsmanship along with his tenacity to bring all the components together pleased the judges. I fell in love with so many of the roadsters that I had a hard time deciding which one should be in my garage with Pepe’.

We set up at the show on Wednesday night and that makes for a long week. I have never entered a car in the GNRS and looked forward to crossing the  accomplishment off my bucket list. Car shows are not for everyone but I like attending them to look at the cars, meet up with old friends and make some new ones. Thanks for all of you who left a card on Curvy. I am sorry I missed you. I would also like to thank the Woody Clubs who invited Walt and I to participate in the event. I feel it was the right effort to let show goers see how much fun you can have in a wooden car. The exit went smoothly and I was home by about 7:00 pm. Next year I would like to see bldg.9 dedicated to the 1940 Ford. Maybe the Forties Limited could put together a nice display of Henry’s other Deuce.

I need to rest up this week and start thinking about the next big event at Pomona in March. The 65th Hot Rod Magazine show is sure to be another winner.

Stay Tooned!


Roy and his team were spending time cleaning and polishing the roadster when we arrived on Wednesday. The deep maroon paint was flawless as was the engine block which looked like it was dipped in shiny red paint. How long has it been since a steel wheeled roadster won the AMBR?

The Ardun Head equipped V8 60 flathead is ultra rare and John owns two sets of the eight sets that were produced.

Curvy was standing tall and had a great location against the back wall.

My house guest brought down this pristine 37 woody that Gary built over the past few years. An electrical fire in the floor box next to the woody caused panic but was quickly put out by the team at the Fairplex. Wood burns very quickly on these cars.

Mike has his Ardun equipped Sportsman in the show for all of us to admire. He has built a couple of these cars over the years and this one is my favorite.

My favorite woody in the show was this 1939 Ford built by George Young. I will do a full feature on Friday. The many details and hand made parts make it a show winner.

Rudy had a couple of his projects in the show. I have been following on the HAMB and it was good to see them in person. He does fantastic metal work.

I know it is a red deuce roadster but I kept going back and looking at this Brizio creation. House of color red that was perfect. Roy can build a deuce roadster with the look better than most.

I love the model 40 roadster and this was one of the contenders that was really nice and detailed.

Another deuce contender was this maroon spectacular example of detail with a little different twist than most roadsters.

I felt this understated 29 was really well designed and detailed to the max with black paint and a green flatty.

George took my photo in the Suede Palace with this model 40 roadster. I don’t know where they keep finding this cars but I want one.

Today’s Race Car!

My friend Tom started this roadster for Mariani and Troy finished it. The workmanship on this Bonneville special is second to none. One peek inside the cockpit and you realize that you need to know your stuff when driving 200 mph on the salt.


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