GNRS — Preview

One week to go before we can see the contenders for the AMBR award. I have seen none of the entrants so I will be anxious to view them in building four. I’m not sure how many are entered but usually, about a dozen are entered. Recent winners have been both traditional in nature and high-end one-off builds. We will see both styles in contention.

In addition to the roadsters, there will be all makes and models of cars on display in the buildings. Coupes, sedans, convertibles, motorcycles and many others are all dolled up for the show. Were good walking shoes as you will be doing lots of walking.

The admission to the show will cost you $30 and parking will be an additional cost. Food is also very expensive at the Fairgrounds so plan on a staying for a while to get your money’s worth. If you love car shows this is one you won’t want to miss. See you in Pomona this weekend.

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