The Grand National Roadster show provided a variety of cars for everyone to enjoy during their visit to the show. Roadsters were the main feature of the show but all makes and models were on display for your viewing. I love roadsters so I spent my time looking at the contenders as well as others that caught my attention.

This year’s ten contenders were all very nice and I had a hard time deciding which one I would choose for the big award. Deuces were popular but other makes were also included. I finally decided on a black Deuce roadster owned by Micheal. The car featured lots of trick modifications like a dropped front cowl and JHRS bones front and rea. The car had the look I like in a Deuce.

Mark Westrick had his new Deuce roadster displayed in the Brookville outdoor space. The car is my choice for all-around stylist Deuce roadster with the Lobeck look. Mark included a lot of details in his build and I liked all of them. The car was a favorite of many who stopped and looked it over closely. Stance, tire and wheel selection, color and details were all right on the money for the style of the build.

The show was a success and I enjoyed seeing many of my readers and a lot of old friends from across the globe. Our hobby is a close-knit community that seems to always remain friendly over the many years I have been involved.

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AMBR 2020

Congratulations on winning the AMBR Award.

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