Ghosts, Goblins and Five Windows

Yes, it is that time of year when all the little ones (and some big ones) come to your door asking for some treats. Since it is Saturday night and no school tomorrow I expect lots of visitors. We live in a gated community but they still manage to drop off several vans full of children feeling they would be safe in our community. I love seeing the creative mothers who outfit their children with beautiful costumes. Many are homemade which are my favorite. The wife keeps the candy hidden so I won’t eat it all prior to the big night and I thank her for that. I hope all of you have a wonderful Halloween treating the Trick or Treaters in your neighborhood.

Happy Halloween from Pewsplace — 2015


We don’t live in the city but can you image if we did!

Enjoy the Halloween Festivities and give the little ones a couple of each treat.

Stay Tooned!


Friday’s Five Windows

It seems that the UPI 5-window has become the Deuce to build for 2016. The solid car with a decent price has been scooped up by many wanting to build something other than a roadster or 3-window. Original ones are priced in orbit and require lots of work to bring back in shape so why not build a reproduction. I have watched several being built at various shops like Walden’s and Brizio’s. And when completed they look fantastic. I know it takes some body work to bring them into shape but the end result looks awfully good to me. Here are a few I have on file.


Roy built Vic one of the first UPI 5-windows for Edelbrock’s 75th Anniversary. Perfect chop and stance.


I like hiboys especially Washington Blue ones like this beauty.

deuce 12-11 009

No hoods were popular in my youth and the Chrysler was a huge motor compared to the flathead.


Primer is cool and popular on the 5-window. We used to Z the rear frame to bring them down in the rear.


Frank has owned more cars than most but his little 5-window was a favorite of mine. High School Hot Rod!

WOW 2011 008

Have you noticed that a lot of 5-windows are painted black and have a chopped top. Plain, simple and stunning!


Mild chops are popular also such as this “Black Beauty” at some show. Five-spokes are always popular.

Poteet Roadchamp '32 5wd (by Moal Coachbuilders) 2

Poteet’s Moal built 5-window with a Miller nose was an over the top build that wowed the crowds.

Ray Williams 032

This one has the “Ohio Look” and is my favorite color on a 5-window and sedan. Perfect proportions.


Fenders look good on the 5 – window either chopped or stock height. Wires are making a big comeback in our area.


Cory has been building away on his 5-window starting with a nice car to begin with always makes it easier and saves time and money in the long run.


He now has a chopped full fendered coupe with a killer stance. Cory is a young talented builder from MI.


Here is another one going together with a mild chop and new chassis.


Danny’s is un-chopped and is about ready to receive a haircut. The BBC will be a handful in this light weight Hot Rod.


Some guys really go all out on their 5-window builds. Note the Blown Ardun head equipped flat motor in this masterpiece.


My high school dream car was one like this that “Richie Rich” owned and left it in my house for a week or two. My dad said not practical so he bought me a 53 Chevrolet.

Today’s Photo


Previously I showed you some young guys working on their car in a one car garage and today I show you some  more mature persons, all near or over 70, doing the same thing after their luncheon. It is nice to have a hobby that stays with you throughout your life. (Central Coast Roadsters)

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