Ghosts and Goblins

Halloween is a special time for our family. We have always went all out on costumes and decorations to start us off in the right direction for the fall and winter season holidays. Seeing the little ones enjoying going from door to door and saying those three little words — “Trick or Treat” puts a smile on my face. Even though we live in a gated community, we still have lots of door knockers. Being on a school night this year will reduce the number but we will enjoy each knock on the door. We have never had any mischief  done to our property other than a few candy wrappers on the driveway. My biggest problem is eating the candy waiting for the knock on the door! Jane hides the candy until it is time to pass it out so I am safe till then. Yes, Halloween is a fun time for all ages.

The car season is about over for our group and time to look at what needs to be done to the Hot Rod during the off season. I have a whole list prepared and hope to share some of the upgrades during the last quarter of 2017. I love technical articles and will give writing them a try. I specially like the “how to do” something articles with photos and text. My first will be on the rear door of Pepe which has been a topic on Pewsplace for several years. The fix will be done entirely by me with some help from Bob who has experience in bodywork and paint. I have all the equipment but not the skill required for a professional job. I will settle for my results as the pro’s I have used proved to terrible. I am sure I can do a better job and for a lot less money.

I have been successful in helping sell viewers cars in my For Sale section and will continue to post quality cars. Prices are holding steady for quality cars and I have buyers standing by with finances to complete the transaction. I have some new ones to add today but that’s it for now. Send me any you want to sell over the winter months. We are fight Santa Claus during this time of the year but some buyers are able to step forward and complete the transacion.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Stay Tooned!


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I have always thought this top profile was the best I have seen on a model 40. I haven’t seen this roadster in a long time but it was built in WA by Gearhead Bill. I will do an blog on 33/4 tops soon.

I know this is a project from my past but the restoration was documented and has a good story attached to it. I love theseFat Girls!

A project that is in my dreams is a 33 phaeton like the one shown above. Onc is going together in our town and I will try to obtain some build photos.

P&J chassis with an early Ford rear end on coil-overs seems like and odd mix of styles.

I will be showing you some woodie parts that I have gathered over the years for a 1940 Ford Woodie.

I found this one a few years ago but was located a long way from LA. I have kept in touch with the owner and have watched the restoration.


I love the home builder who does it all right on the garage floor. Lots going on in this photo from Walsh’s.

Dave has lots of cleaning compounds on hand for his fleet of Hot Rods.

Stoker’s always has some nice cars for sale like this one! Give them a call!

Fellow GM employee still has his Deuce and drives the wheels off of the car.

Terry at Stoker’s just finished this perfect 3-window he purchased from Frank. Sid’s interior makes the car.

Just perfect for cruising the LA freeways and back roads. Note the model 40 has a full wooden inner structure unlike the Deuce. I always wondered why.

The Dearborn Deuce has caught on big time and offers lots of comforts for those who require a cozy cockpit.

Talk about comfort, the 46-8 Ford convert is about as good as it get when it comes to driving comfort.

I love the 40 heaters as well as other brands and have some blogs ready to show you more.

I am not a A/B fan but this car always looks good to me each year at the LARS.

Howard is putting his roadster up for sale. Details to follow in the For Sale Section.

Looks good with the top up also. Olds engine, 700r4, 9 inch and much more. Price is 55K  Howard 209-607-2849.

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