George H Duvall. JR

I have been a fan of the Duvall windshield for a long timeand have used them on both the 32’s and 33″s. I think they add a much improved profile over the straight up deuce windshield. George was  born in 1913 in Los Angeles and studied at UCLA with aspirations of being another Harvey Earl of GM. He dropped out after two years and went to work for Southern California Plating Co. But still continued his design work.

While at SCP He designed the famous 1936 ford California Special Ford. Hot Roddeer’s soon picked up on the design and began putting them on early Hot Rods. Fast Forward to the 80’s when some talented Hot Rodder’s in Canada produced some clones and sold them to the public. Eventually selling the company to a California company called Past Tech. The last company to offer them in brass was Speedway and Wescott.

The windhields are still in demand and hard to come by. They show up Ebay once in awhile and are pricey. I have featured some of the ones I like in today’s blog. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Thanks to all who commented on my current Health. I working with my doctors to get well soon.

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Hot Rods with Duvall windshields

George Duvall
Retail Sales
SCP Special
Smooth cowl and vent
made from steel
36’s look good!

34’s are a natural
Lucy is a 33 and I like the profile of grille, hood and windshield.
Bruce has the 55 roadster.
Rolling Bones build
RB Auburn dash looks great.
Bob has a Garage Full
Bob makes his own tops
Another 33
Bob builds his own tops.
The Deuce rules with the Duvall.
On fire Deuce
one of the First with a Duvall in modern times.

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