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The internet is a wonderful communication network for searching for and finding out about stalled projects. My blog keeps me in contact with people who know about such projects or at least know someone who does. Take for example, a recent inquiry I received about a certain project that was located near me. And could I go look at it for them and put a value on the project. I receive these inquiries often and love to go take a look. Sometimes you find treasures that have been stored away for many years just waiting to be unearthed and brought back to life.

Most of these projects are stalled due to a death of the owner or serious illness. The owner has placed a certain value on these projects and the survivor normally has an idea what they should receive when selling them. Usually, the expectations are a lot higher than the current market value and require some explanation to the seller. What these cars bring in the market place is fully dependent on current value versus restoration cost or purchase price of a finished example. I always try to explain my evaluation so they know how I arrived at the number. You simply can’t restore a stalled project for less than you can buy a finished product. Labor, paint and upholstery plus chassis construction quickly reduces the value of the project. If you want an appraisal or evaluation of a project, just let me know. If close by, there is no charge.

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This chopped 40 convertible with a Carson style top was abandoned many years ago.

Chrome grille louvers are an old custom trick that looks good in this project.

The SBC is incomplete and is hooked to an automatic transmission.

The stock dash is retained and an aftermarket steering wheel replaced the stock 40.

The trunk was full of goodies and has current registration with these plates.

My friend’s 40 would be a good example how the above car could look if restored as he did.


Dave’s is chopped 4″ where the project is somewhere around 3″.

It is much easier to put a value on a running driving car like this one where you can drive it home.

Restored chassis without he wood is easy to evaluate in our area as new wood cost between $50-60K to complete. You can buy these cars complete for a little more in today’s soft Woodie market.

Sometimes you run into rare items such as these 41 sedan delivery rear doors.

One door has been given the louver treatment which destroyed the inner panel. A new rear panel could be fabricated.

The 41 is different from the 40 and has an access hole to repair the often damaged back door.

Today’s Louvers

I thought the small louvers really looked good on this 42 Hood.

For Sale

!932 Ford Pickup


Call Gary 402-749-1932

Ford PU built by Cornhusker Rod And Custom. Cornhusker chassis with early
style suspension, dropped deuce axle, 32 spindles and 32 split bones. 37
Hudson steering with MT Lincoln brakes on 4 corners. Winters steel belled V8
quick change with ladder bars and A spring.  300 Hp 327 with TK 500 trans
with rare front shifter. Mint cab chopped 3 inches with stock style Mack
hills box shortened 10 inches. 1 inch stretched Rootlieb 25 louver hood.
500/16 and 750/16 Excelsior’s on steelies. Original deuce shell with Pu top
grafted on. Interior features Frank Wallic bomber bench with black leather,
rubber floor covering with leather trim, aircraft style belts and Moal
bomber gauges. Reliable and fun to drive. $70,000.00 Possible trade for the
right 40 coupe or chopped 36 3 window.

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