The “Office” was crowded today as it always is on Friday’s and, as usual, the conversation revolved around cars, politics and general BS. While at the “Office” I received a call from Bob who had a stroke of bad luck with his 40 sedan project. He was taking his parts to the sandblaster when the hood decided to exit the trailer and land in the middle of the 118 freeway. He panicked and pulled to over to see if he could retrieve it. Just as he was trying to find an open space, a semi truck ran over the freshly fitted hood. He is very upset and rightly so. I guess the lesson learned here is that when hauling your car or parts on a trailer, you need to make sure everything is secure. Double check the straps and if necessary add another one to be safe. I have never lost anything but I know several people who have had this same experience. Replacing the hood is not a problem, but fitting  the new hood to the fenders and cowl can take lots of time. Dave had another hood, but it needs major work so I will try to locate another one in better shape.

Finding parts for you old car can be challenging and fun at the same time. I have always enjoyed the hunt for cars and parts whether I needed them or not. I have been very fortunate to have lots of contacts who can help me locate about anything. Pewsplace has a large following of great people who always seem to come up with the item I am looking for. The internet is the best source for locating parts. Sites such as the Fordbarn, Jalopy Journal, ebay motors and Craigslist always seem to have an endless supply of hard to find parts. We are also lucky to have the Early Ford Store in San Dimas who can supply you with most any part required for an old Ford. Bill’s knowledge of early Fords is truly amazing.

I hope you have a great weekend and take the hot rod out for a drive.

Stay Tooned!


Henry sent along some photos of the original McCoy 40 pickup truck. I did not know about this one and was glad to see the custom truck.

The heavy chop makes the truck appear a mile long. Note exhaust cut outs in the front  fenders.

The all white interior looks like an Eddie Martinez job with the skinny pleats and horseshoe design. I love to see the the styles of the past be recreated today.

I always loved the Deuce phaetons in the highboy style. This is a fresh build and was in my coverage of the Detroit show this year. Plenty of room for the grandkids in these open cars.

Bob-O is looking for a project like this one or one that is running a driving would be better. Someone must know of a Tub for sale…37-39 with windows.

In my early days I didn’t need the windows but now they are required. A 34 phaeton is a beautiful car in my opinion.

Today I need the comfort of the closed car and the heater to work. Note the ducts on firewall to allow the engine heat to enter the cockpit. Lil John was the first to use this idea in his roadsters.

Here is another cosy cockpit for me to enjoy while on the road. Roy’s builds the best in my book.

Here is the coupe as shown at Roy’s shop. His shop party is coming up real soon.

Today’s Favorite!

The roadster was sitting outside in the snow because it was too cold to go for a ride. Sid makes side curtains to keep you warm and Moal sells a heater that really does the trick.

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