Friday’s Woodies

Wavecrest attracts woody lovers from all over the country. People arrive early in the week and enjoy the beautiful climate and scenery that San Diego has to offer. The NWC and the SDWC really go all out to make this a premier event with over 200 wooden bodied cars in attendance. Jane and I have been going to this event since we moved here in 1984 and never tire of looking at the beautiful cars and meeting people who share the same passion. Stock style cars are the most prevalent but as the age of the owners climbs the conviences of a late model drivetrain often hides beneath the highly polished wood and varnish. Flatheads are still real popular for the perfect restorations and they seem make the drive without any problems. Our crew all have hot rod woodies and attend all of the events possible during the year. The final event is in Dana Point at the picturesque Marriott Resort, another favorite of my wife’s. If you want to enjoy a nice day at the beach, then head on down to Wavecrest in Encinitas, California. Parking is tough but you can find a spot and do a lot of walking.

The heat wave has ended and we should be blessed with some balmy weather this weekend. Ocean breezes with the smell of salt should wet the appetite for most who attend. T-shirt sales are brisk so purchase early as they only have smalls left by 10:00 am. I need a new hat this year so I hope they have a nice Kaki colored one in inventory. I collect the mugs which also sell out fast. The day will be long and the traffic will be intense but the show is well worth the stress of the two hour drive.

Have a great weekend!

Stay Tooned!



This is the place to be this Saturday.


Wavecrest is the culmination of the summer events all wrapped up in one huge woody show. Circa 2011.


We used to be able to park on the Beach but they have remodeled the area and woodies are not allowed. We can still walk down to the show but it’s not the same as parking on the sand.


Sherm’s Plating, Gary,  owns one of the nicest Deuce woodies around. Flathead powered and beautiful.


A highly detailed flathead powers this heavy woody at freeway speeds without any problem.


Jim Latin also owns a very pristine Deuce woody that is equipped with his version of a flathead. Note heads shown below.


Latin Heads, 16 spark plugs, Nash ignition and a Eddie Meyer intake spells hot rod to me.


One of the more recently built 40 woodies, is this beauty with the trick Ford Modular Motor installed.Built by Wheelers in HB, this one is a winner.


The valve covers were specially made for this Ford modular motor. Stack injection has the look I like in today’s hot rods and they perform flawlessly  — most of the time.


Wheelers also built a 50 Mercury Woody for the same owner and installed an aluminum block, Ardun head flat motor. No small task — and it looks factory.


The very conservative owners add dual carbs for some added performance without disturbing the genuine look. Note the black air cleaners. No chrome, please! 1940 Woody


If you want to be able to pass Walt then you need to add the ZZ430 like Jim did. He said the car really performs well on the freeways. 1946 Woody.

 Weekend Woody!

Chase's birthday #2 2010 027

Gary built this one in his garage from a pile of abused parts and ended up with a magnificent 1937 Ford Woody. Stock appearing but throughly modern underneath.

woody to Franks march 06 006

This is how it started. Gary (L), and George drug it home from the body shop and the process began. Both men are excellent car builders from the ground up.


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