Friday’s Withdrawal Symptoms

I have been feeling some withdrawal symptoms lately as I no longer have a project car in my garage. My wife and I cleaned the garage and she commented,”How many years has it been since we have not had a project car?” I thought for a moment and I believe it was 1996 when we moved back to LA from San Francisco. We were not sure we were going to stay so I sold my projects and we lived in an apartment for a year. I have always had at least two projects to work on over the past 40 years and have now decided that it is time to enjoy the destination rather than the journey. I have paid my dues in the garage and I still plan to fix things on Pepe when I can. I have always wanted a neat garage which I have never had. Jane and I plan to paint the walls, do the floors and hang some more vintage photos of the cars I have owned. The fire still burns and the sickness continues but the pain is perceived rather than real. I am looking forward to the coming years in the next phase of my hobby.

Remodeling your garage can be a worthwhile project as long as you don’t get carried away with too many “Gucci” decorations. A simple tile floor, some nice framed photos, and a painted enclosed workbench will vastly improve my situation. I have friends who will take my junk and add it to their junk so I can really clean up the overall look. Years of grinding, welding and painting can be very detrimental to your interior walls. I always liked Boyd’s shop walls that were painted a light gray with a red and black stripe about midway up from the floor. He was a stickler for keeping the shop spotless and paid to have it cleaned everyday. I remember he purchased a riding cleaner and had one of his guys do the floors each night. I won’t go that far but I would vacuum once a week. If you have a garage your proud of please send me a photo and I will post it. I will keep you up to date on my success in the modernization of Pewsplace.

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to clean your garage.

Stay Tooned!


Tim always has a “neat” garage and he works on his cars. I like the full mat under the car.

This is the machine shop side of Pewsplace. Cramped and not well organized. The wife has big plans for me now that I have no projects. I seem to accumulate rear ends, motors and lots of hard to store stuff.

Bob-O has a neat garage and he works outside most of the time or in one of his other garages.

It helps to have lots of Stanley Vidmar bins to store all those parts and tools. Tom has the set up down pat. The machines shop is in the rear section and out of site. I don’t see the coffee can storage bins I use.

Mr. Bob has one of the cleanest garage you could ever want. He also just added new floors and a Deuce grille shell ceiling.

Dave has a super garage for storage of his collection. Note the shine on the floor.

He also has a nice clean work area for his dragster. The overhead storage racks are nice and neat and labeled for easy identification.

Some garages are built with lots of style and thought such as this display above. Note the floors and wall memorabilia.

I have been to this 40 Lovers garage and it is a true museum of treasurers for the much loved 40 Ford.

Yes, prices at the LARs were high as shown by this photo. I remembering having to polish these beauties on one of my first roadsters.

Sid offers these side curtains for those of you who drive’m. He owns the market on roadster tops with his Bop Top.

A nice 40 woody pulled in while I was resting and I walked over to take a look. I need to stay away from these woodies.

Roadster Show Beauties!

Walt and Jim had their open cars parked for all to enjoy. The Deuce is a real deal withs lots of detail work and a Gabe’s interior. The flathead purrs right along on the freeway.

Jim”s phaeton has a perfect stance and has the seat moved back for us tall guys. The seat simply unbolts and you can add any width you want. Jim did it a different way but leg room is difficult in a stock phaeton so something must be moved. We need to see more phaetons in my opinion.

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