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It is still raining in LA but that didn’t stop me from pushing Andre outside on his new dolly. He had not moved in over 3 months while I finished the chassis. I ran out of Argon and steel, so today was not that productive but I still had a great day in the garage. I hope to haul it to the blaster next week for some serious cleaning after 30 years of sitting outside. I am praying for the best results possible but am prepared for some surprises. My goal is a roller for the LARS in June. I may bring him to the swap area or even drive the car to the show. (unpainted) I am a dreamer.

Today is Deuce Vicky Friday. I have received several photos of the rare Deuce and decided to do a blog on their popularity. I think any lover of Deuces will agree that Wayne Henderson’s black Deuce Vicky of the 70’s was the first real stand out vicky that set the bar for Deuce Vicky’s. Several outstanding examples followed during the resto-rod period and today new ones are being built across the country at the rod shops. Roy Brizio has done two outstanding Vicky’s for Eric Clapton and has set the bar extremely high.

Ford produced Vicky’s world wide as follows:

                     V8          B

Domestic  8054       526

Canada         526         66

Foreign        289        137

Many of the cars still exist and several have been made into beautiful hot rods. If you own one of these rare Deuces you have made yourself a good investment that continues to appreciate. Yes, they are available in fiberglass but you know what they say today about having a real “Henry”.

I am headed to B&E open house on Sunday and I hope to see you there. Drive your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


Sidney Allen has one fine Deuce Vicky done in the traditional style with red wires and a Hemi.

Sydney loves HP and he sure has plenty in his Vicky.

I think most people like this view of the Vicky. The bustle is sort of unique and cute.

Doug, of Deuce sedan delivery fame, also has a couple of real nice Vicky’s. This car looks a lot like Doug Mosch’s old car of the 80’s. I save my expense account money to purchase a set of Zenith Wires for my 34 sedan.

Doug also owns this chopped version which is also very nice. The bodies offered some extra room not available in a coupe.

Note the nice rake and cut bustle. The saw tooth wheels look like early Boyd’s.

Red had his chopped Vicky at the Deuce Day this year and everyone was really impressed with this true hot rod.

Basic black always looks good on Vicky’s. Some prefer the stock height tops but I like them both ways.

I thought this was one fine Vicky at the Deuce Day Show. Two toned was standard from the factory. All Deuces had black fenders. Black steel wheels would look good on this car.

Roy built this one for Eric Clapton and set the bar up a few notches for Vicky’s. The top is chopped slightly.

Gary owned the car prior to selling it the Clapton. Note the bare metal body is very nice to start with.

Roy really pushed the envelope on this one-off 4 door Vicky for Eric Clapton. Marcel did the conversion and it looks factory. The photo does not do the color justice. It is a very stunning color.

Today’s Favorite!

You know me and hiboy sedan’s. Roy built this one and again moved the bar even higher for hiboy Vicky’s. This body was saved by some very talented metal men.

If money is no object then you must install an all aluminum Ardun head equipped flat motor.



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