Friday’s Ventures

June has passed so quickly that I barely had time to realize that I have to plan for our July “Back Road Boys” outing. We are still planning to head up the coast to the beautiful Danish Village of Solvang and surrounding cities with some interesting stops along the way. Jane and I are doing a test run this weekend on our way to Santa Cruz for the Woodies on the Wharf show. I know the weather will be hot but the scenery will be worth the effort.

Driving these old cars and stopping along the scenic route up the coast is most enjoyable for those of us who love the driving part of this wonderful hobby. The smiles on our sun burned faces, as we pull into a town or restaurant, often puts smiles on those who are not participants. Questions are normal and we love talking about how we built or purchased our rides. The fact that we can take an old Ford and make it “road worthy” makes for some wild tales as we make our way to the events. Our wives sometimes just have to walk away as we embellish the story a little bit — but that’s O.K. Enjoying life during the retirement years is important and as my friend George always tells me, ” You are never to old to have a Happy Childhood”

Forty Ford Day at LaPalma Park is this Sunday and should be a good turn out for the 40 is 75 celebration. There is lots of shade in the park so get there early. With the LARS behind us, we still have lots of events left for the summer ahead. I am having my cooling problem corrected so I can endure the heavy LA traffic to attend some of these wonderful venues.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Stay Tooned!



It is sure nice to see some of the GNRS contenders being driven for all to admire.


Bob had his Firestone special at the SO-CAL Open House. He has a fleet of nice cars.


If you want something a little different from a red or black hiboy — then how about this style for a change.


The Kennedy Brothers had a hand in chopping and assembling Chuck’s handsome Deuce 3-window. A very traditional finely crafted Hot Rod.


Another AMBR contender had his RPU on display in Brookville’s booth. Steve is enjoying driving his roadster after showing it in January.

cali 224 (800x600)

Walden had a nice sedan project going together with one of their chassis which features a spring behind axle set cup designed by Jake and Bobby.

cali 226 (800x600)

The bobbed rear frame horns exposes the QC and the tightly tucked bias tires really takes you back in time. The flawless metal work is obvious in this photo showing the chopped top.


Mr. Red, Henry Dana, has finished his Deuce pickup and looks like a winner in every respect.


Tom has a new convertible and would like to see his roadster go to a good home. He has enjoyed driving this car but prefers the roll up windows during his long adventures. I will be posting it under the For Sale cars this weekend. All original steel except body. The roadster is an excellent proven driver.


Terry has Lynn Williams old 33 roadster for sale. Lynn loved this car and drove it frequently.


I have shown this delivery many times before but I never grow tired of this Lobeck styled car.


If you have the desire to own a Woody, then starting with a project like this one will save you lots of money and time.


I was the “Caretaker” of Walt’s Woody for a couple of years and really got hooked on Woodies and the beautiful venues where the shows are held. Thanks Walt!

Friday’s Photo


From Webb Automotive Art, comes this elegant photo of Ashly and her hand crafted special roadster. The car was built by her famous and talented metal shaper father, Dan Webb.

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