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I have been a truck fan since my grandfather let me drive his 50 Chevrolet all over the farm in IL. My dad inherited the truck and repainted it with a vacuum cleaner. I learned to drive in a Deuce tudor and that green Chevy truck. I advanced to a Corvette during college but when I began working at GM, I purchased another truck. A man needs a truck if he is a Hot Rodder. I can’t remember when I first noticed old Hot Rod trucks but it seems to me it was a cream colored chopped Deuce pickup in the little pages of R&C. I have always went out of my way at the larger shows to inspect the cool looking trucks of both early and late vintage. I am particularly found of the 40 Ford trucks even though I don’t fit in the cockpit. The overall profile is aesthetically pleasing when given and when given  “the stance” I really like them.

In the late 80’s, I started building custom GMC trucks with CSR’s and Hot Rods by Boyd. I was the first on the West Coast to offer fully financed custom trucks to customers worldwide. My business took off in the 90’s and I began offering the trucks with high performance motors through my dealership. Eventually, I went to the SEMA show and built and highly successful parts business complete with catalog and phone sales. I partnered with Dan Fink on custom aluminum bed covers and stainless steel grille inserts. I catered to the high end truck user who could afford the best. I ended my tenure as a dealer in 1992 and went into senior management, but I will always remember the thrill of selling custom trucks and parts.

Again, I thank all of you for your input and photos. If you don’t see your truck it will be featured next Friday as I have too many for one blog. Trucks have always been a desirable product for Hot Rodders and will continue to be so for a long time to come.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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The 29 phone booth makes a really good looking Hot Rod. Simple is design always is my preference.

You can add fender and a side window and have a new look for your 29 truck.

Still another reader sent in his 29 that he purchased from the Deuce man a few years ago.

Gary has about every Deuce imaginable and they are always right on the money in the stance department.

A red truck with lots of details is shown here and would be right at home at any show. The cabs have become very pricey as well as the rear fenders.

Some people like their trucks in the stock configuration such as this jewel.

I guess I am a fender less fan as that is what we did in high school. I also love the cabs with lowered lids.

My friend Tom is a tall person so he extended the cab to make his cab fit his body. A Hemi, QC and green paint make this one a winner.

This viewer left his truck stock height and put her down in front for a nice rake. The rules in down under land are struck on hot rods so maybe he knows how to get by the rules.

I like this ground hugger with super black paint and polished 5 spokes.

I love the stance on this Deuce. I would take this one to the Long Beach Swap on Sunday mornings.

Dan has one of the nicest trucks I have seen. He built this from several different bodies. Note drilled bones and QC.

O.K. so I prefer the hiboy look of the Hot Rod style such as this Maroon beauty.

This 34 has a nice flat paint and early look to the build style.

Here is a reader’s 35 truck that has the old school look with gold diamond tuff and polished rimed 5- spokes.


A viewer sent in his daily driver which looks like a winner to me. The stance tells me it’s a Hot Rod and loads of fun to drive.

Here is the old Super Bell truck complete with Dave’s QC rear axle. This style is real popular in our town.

Installing the passenger car front sheet metal is no easy task nor is the pancaked hood. You know he is having fun with this one.

I have featured this one during the build stage and he finally has it almost finished. Flathead powered and nice deep maroon paint.

Roger finished off the rear bed in style with oak stained wood and stainless cargo strips. Note the Deuce luggage rack peeking out of the garage which houses his tudor.

Another reader is sent in his red 40 pickup with side boards.

Kevin built this top shelf pickup and has won numerous awards around the area. My wife loves the color and stance on this one.

Ray built this famous 40 and set the bar real high for other builders. The Bend, OR builder always build a classy ride whether a Deuce or Forty.

Chip’s 56 is one of my favorite trucks. The truck has many subtle modifications that make it a Foose build.

You can’t go wrong with the 56 Ford pickup. They lend themselves to a variety of custom styles. A new chassis from Walton’s Fabrication make it a super riding truck.

 A Milestone Roadster Pickup Truck!

My long time friend, Ed, sent in his number 1 Brookville RPU. He had the idea and had a prototype built by Terry Hegman. The rest is history. The Fat Jack chassis combined with a 429 “BOSS” and 4-speed make this car a true hot rod that can pass everything except a gas station.

You can see the Winters QC peeking out the back which compliments the super straight, jet black paint job. We call him “Super Neat” Ed.

Happy Easter

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