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Still doing the Physical Therapy bit and some days it is hard to get motivated. I just watched a video on Jalopy Journal of Manno’s Rolling Bones built tudor sedan and got excited again. Hard to do at my age, but that is another story. This car along with Dennis Varni’s tudor really capture the fun of building a true hot rod with no frills. I am sure they were both in the 6 figures, but that is O.K. if you have the bank account to support the habit. I know roadsters are the real thing, but a sedan offers so much more for driving more than 50 miles a day. Comfort for the legs, belly and back are better in a sedan. I plan to use heated seats from a Denali made to look right in the car. Hard to do, but remember this is Dreaming time on Saturday.

Now for the technical part. I have always used 12 inch Buick rear brakes on my Quick Change rear ends. I have done several sets using mid sixty’s Buick Wildcat rear backing plates. I fill the holes and redrill the big bearing Ford 1/2 inch holes and presto they fit right on a 9 inch rear bearing end. I use the Buick 45 finned front drums and re-drill them for the 5 1/2 inch bolt pattern. I have Dutchman make the axles with a 3.40 hub register for a perfect fit. Finally we have them ready to go. If you plan on doing this conversion, try to get all the brake hardware with the backing plates, as it is hard to find at your NAPA store.

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



Quick change without brakes and axles ready to go under car. Looks nice to me.


Front Brakes with Buick drums and Wilson Finned backing plates. A little bulky but I like them.


Rear Buick 12 inch backing plates converted to fit 9 inch housings on 40 Axle tubes.


Rear of backing plate showing holes re-drilled for Ford big bearing pattern. Hole size is correct for Ford also.


45 fin Buick drum re-drilled for 5 1/2 bolt circle. I have the drums tumbled for a nice factory look.


This is how the drum and backing plate look after modification.


40 Ford axle housings


Backing plate bolted on to housings. They bolt right up and use the 2 3/8 brake offset. You can also use 67 – 72 Ford F150 axles and have them re-splined. Doesn’t save a lot of money, so I purchased new ones from Dutchman. Nice people for Hot Rodders.


Shoes and wheel cylinders being installed. I need some more parts so stay tooned.

Dreaming Inspiration


Manno’s Deuce sedan built by Rolling Bones in New York. This is super car. Watch the video on Jalopy Journal.

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