Friday’s Tech Day

This year’s Roadster Show had several vendors who were showing off their skills in fabrication and design. I love this aspect of the Hot Rods in attendance. Jackie Howerton’s Indy Track Roadster was without a doubt my favorite car at the show. Jackie’s car displays some of the best fabrication skills I have ever seen, including Buttera and Moal. The thought that went into the design was very unique and simple. I saw this car a few years ago at Moal’s shop in Danville, where Steve was doing some fabrication on the body. I had no idea it would turn out this good. I featured the trunk area yesterday and today I will show you the overall vehicle. I took several pictures and will show them each Friday. Have a peek.

For more great pictures be sure to see Don’s Hot Rod page. He even offers CD’s for your viewing. If you missed the show look him up, as he has pictures of almost every roadster in attendance.


Nice profile and stance


Front is true Track Roadster


The dash is a nice piece of work and design…looks terrific.

Scandinavian Street Rods also had a great looking chassis with a Winters Quick Change installed.


They also featured a teardrop radius rod mount that I thought looked cool.


Note the nice flow of the teardrop and radius rod

Walden had a super metal finished 34 3 window in their booth. The workmanship was some of the best I have seen. I am sure this cost big $$$ to have done, but it was perfect with no filler.


Sneak Peek


Jeff Bates Moal built 29 track roadster. My favorite 29.

This Sunday is 40 Ford Day so stay tuned for 40’s next week.

Have a great weekend.


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