Friday’s Tech Day

Late today, hot in LA and I have been running all over getting parts for the quickchange. Ron, the rear end man has all the parts to complete, but I have to do the running to make sure everyone knows what I want them to do. I should have been a machinist and I could have saved myself a lot of money. Everything is in place now and I should have it back by next Friday to show you the completed unit. In the meantime, I purchased a Winters V8 quickchange for my future roadster. You can’t have enough quickchanges in stock. Have a look at the pieces.

Have a great weekend and …..

Stay Tuned!



DPI differential that has to be machined


Side plates must be machined also to work


Axle housings have been machined to accept 9 inch Ford rear axles


Completed unit with axle housings


New Winters V8 QC for my Deuce roadster project

Sneak Peek


A little overboard, Champ, Model A spring, air bags, etc… Super craftsmanship

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