Friday’s Tech

I left early this morning to go and have my monthly blood test. Old age sure is fun. I knew I had to be early to avoid the senior Friday rush hour. After the blood test, I headed for the brake relining place to have some standard linings put on my old shoes. Yes, the problem with the new shoes you buy today is they are all oversize due to the age of the vehicle, 1965 Buick. With the drum problem solved, I mounted the Buick drums and they look really good. I don’t think I would do the conversion again, as if I breakdown on the highway, I would never be able to find parts or drums. I hope I have to worry about this someday.

On a better note, my friend Chip from College called and asked if I would like to go to his customer,s hanger and see his collection of Corvettes. I checked my IPhone and sure enough, I wasn’t busy. The day was wonderful and I took some pictures for your enjoyment.

Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Finish Buick Brake Installation


Here you can see that the front shoe is 3/16 and the rear shoe is 1/4. Both should be matched to the drum, which is illegal due to California laws. Some people still have the machines and I found one.


Final fit of the drums after shoes were arced.


Ready for tires and wheels. Next week maybe.


My college fraternity brothers 37 Phaeton he has owned for over 40 years. All NOS fenders and boards. NOS flathead and grille. He will start on this when his collection of Corvettes and 409 62 converts are completed. Tough!


One of 20 alloy body GTS Ferrari’s built. Value 1.2 M


My favorite, 1962 Gulf Oil Sebring winner. Fully restored and documented. Value 2M. This is a special car and is true to its day.


FI motor in the 1962. My friend Doug is an expert on FI restorations and people send him units from all over the world. The engine compartment is flawless.



Bennie Bootle’s famous 40 Ford delivery. Mr. Bootle was a renown collector of 1940 Fords and won everything with the perfect restoration of all models.


Rear floor as it should be in a delivery. Strips are hard to find as is the spare tire hold down clamp.

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