Fridays Tech

As promised, the rear axles and brakes are installed. Donnie completed the backing plates as required as I lost the picture of the assembly diagram. I learned that there is a right and left side to these brake parts and they are not interchangeable. I made a quick stop at Accurate Welding to pickup some Allen head backing plate bolts and nuts to finish the job. After suffering through the morning with back pain, the drugs finally kicked in and I slide the axles into the Quick Change. This was not easy as the 31 spline differential didn’t want to line up with the axles. Finally, after several attempts and a nap, they went right in. Next came the Buick drums and they too presented some difficulty. One side slipped over the axle and the other side wouldn’t budge. I readjusted the brakes and finally the drum went on. I will have to redo this side as it still does not seat against the axle face. I had Ductchman machine the axles with a 3.40 hub register which mates to the Buick drums perfectly.

I have some other shots to show you so lets take a look.

Stay Tooned!



Front brakes and Guide 682-C headlights. Ebay deal of the Century.


Backing plates mounted to housing with axles. So Far so good.


Buick drums mounted. A little adjustment is required but an easy task.


Inside photo of backing plates and housing. The plates were aluminum powder coated to match drums.


While under the car, here is a shot of the Quick Change and gas tank notch. Thanks Frantic Fred.


Here is a stand I made for the 37 tail lights. They will be powder coated black like the front headlight mounts.



Randy’s very nice 34 Roadster hiboy from Dakota. I hope mine looks this good.

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